Midsomer Murders

Season 10 Episode 2

The Animal Within

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 2007 on ITV

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  • Dirty old men and people believed dead turning up out of nowhere are linchpins of this episode which is very entertaining and full of some highly colourful characters into the bargain.

    American Faith Alexander arrives in Midsomer to visit an uncle she hasn't seen since she was a child only to be gobsmacked when everyone acts as though they have seen a ghost, which they believe they had given that her uncle, Rex Masters, had told everybody that she and her family had died in a plane crash.

    Naturally, Faith wants to sort it all out, the only problem is, Rex Masters has gone missing from his luxury home and when his body is found, ot seems as though she will never find out why he lied to everyone. Apart from all the unpleasantness surrounding Rex's death, several people have wills which lists them as the beneficiary of Rex's estate, including his niece herself, his gardener, housekeeper and cleaner! Rex, it seemed, had a talent for promising everything to everyone and not delivering. Was he killed by someone who found out about his constantly changing wills or was it really an accident?

    When more murders occur and the questions mount up, Barnaby has to sift through a very complicated web. Did one of the would-be recipients of Rex's estate kill him or was it in some way connected to a woman whose son is pushing for her to be declared a saint?

    It's worth watching just to see the reactions of everyone involved in the will fiasco but I found the ending a little disappointing as I felt there was only one truly deserving person out of the lot of them.