Midsomer Murders

Season 10 Episode 4

The Axeman Cometh

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2007 on ITV

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  • I really enjoyed this one, mainly for the music and the air of mystery surrounding all the members of an ageing rock band named 'Hired Gun' who come to Midsomer to perform in a musical festival. Tom is very excited as he is a big fan of the group!

    We are back in Badger's Drift again, this time for the Midsomer Rock Festival. One of the acts hired to play is a once-legendary group called 'Hired Gun'. Tom Barnaby was a big fan and he is thrilled that they will be performing there. Jones and others are not as enthusiastic about it, however.

    Naturally, the festival needs a 'police presence' and so Barnaby makes certain that he is there ... Just doing his 'duty' of course... (It's great to see Barnaby showing such genuine enthusiasm for something and John Nettles did a terrific job of portraying this.) The enjoyment of the festival, however, soon turns sour when lead singer Mimi Clifton (very well played by Suzi Quatro) is electrocuted whilst on stage. When other members of the band start dying, the lead singer, Gary Cooper, is convinced that someone by the name of Ginger Foxton, a former member of the band who disappeared many years ago, is out to get them all as he has been receiving threats for some time. Barnaby remembers the case of Ginger Foxton well because he worked on it as a young officer.

    With bodies piling up and a possible sighting of Ginger Foxton, Cooper is convinced that they will all soon be dead but Barnaby has others ideas about exactly who is responsible for the crimes.

    A highlight of this episode is when John Nettles plays a guitar riff with Jack 'Axeman' McKinley (played by James Cosmo) which is very funny to watch! Also, this is the first episode in which we see Simon Dixon (Sam Hazeldine) who will later end up marrying Tom's daughter, Cully.
  • A not so enjoyable episode of a otherwise very good show.

    Midsomer murders are trying to invent itself with some pretty strange stories. Here, you meet an old rockband that are coming toghether for a possible "new start". As usual someone dies and everybodys a suspect. Unfortunatly the portraits of the old rockers are bad and very clichelike. Its like the writers underestimate the audiance and think we never seen a band of old rockers before. Real lifes full of them! On the good side we get a glimse of Barnabys past and some background from his early days that lift the understanding of him a bit. Cully, the daughter, gets as always involved but in a different way this time.
    So for fans of the series this is a good episode to watch but if your just a casual viewer, theres a lot of much better episodes to enjoy.
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