Midsomer Murders

Season 7 Episode 1

The Green Man

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2003 on ITV

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  • A very sad episode for me as this is the last one for Daniel Casey who has played the bumbling but loveable Gavin Troy since episode one. Of course, Troy can't have a smooth exit because there are murders to solve!

    When Joyce Barnaby finds herself trapped in a collapsed canal tunnel she discovers she is not alone when the bodies of seven skeletons are unearthed with her when she is rescued. For Tom, it looks like something he can't do much about as the skeletons have clearly been there for a very long time, except one which is clearly a more recent death and must be investigated. To add to that, two local boys are found shot dead in the woods at Midsomer Worthy and a local man is suspected of killing them, but did he?

    Topping it all off is the bittersweet news that Troy has passed the exams and become an inspector and has been given a posting of his own, meaning that he will be leaving Midsomer and Tom (and those of us who have adored his sweet, bumbling character right from the beginning!).

    It's the end of an era when the Barnaby family gather to have a farewell drink with Troy (and the end of a recently hinted at possibility that there might be a romance in the air for Troy and Tom's daughter, Cully.) It was an average episode with regard to the plot and script but a must-see for all of those Gavin Troy fans who never wanted him to go.
  • Loss of a friend.

    This episode surely shows how the writers behind the Midsomer episodes know what they're doing. This episode was well written, well acted and was a fitting farewell to Sergeant Troy after many seasons on the show.

    I liked the fact that Troy had to go out on his own on an investigation and how we seen Tom brush his own case under the carpet.

    I loved this episode but sadly I had always hoped that Cully and Gavin would get together, still I guess the writers have to make sure that there is still a hint of reality in the series as Midsomer county is certainly a place where you can never guess what will happen next.
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