Midsomer Murders

Season 13 Episode 4

The Silent Land

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2010 on ITV

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  • ghosts

    getting better..
  • Cully is at home with her parents for a holiday but it isn't all fun and games when she and Joyce are travelling home from a musical recital and are involved in a minor car accident.

    It's a while since Cully has been home for a visit and Joyce is delighted to see her. The two attend a musical recital which bores Cully to death but which Joyce enjoys greatly. On the way home along a dark country road, Cully is sleeping until Joyce swerves to miss a figure she sees on the road and ends up running her car into a type of ditch.

    Later, Tom is frustrated as Joyce tries to explain that she saw someone and believes she may have hit them. It is clear that Tom doesn't believe her as nobody has been reported injured or killed. That is until a body is discovered in an old cemetery which was used for the patients of a sanitariummany years previously.

    Perhaps Joyce DID hit and kill someone with her car, but, if that is the case, who put the body in the old graveyard? It is up to Tom and Ben to investigate further and find out if they are dealing with a corpse which died as the result of being hit by a car or whether they have a murderer on their hands.

    A pretty good episode which will keep you guessing throughout and great to see Laura Howard back again in her role as Cully. Well worth a look.
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