Midsomer Murders

Season 13 Episode 1

The Sword of Guillaume

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2010 on ITV

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  • superb beginning to end

    the sword of ...
  • An excellent start to the new series where Tom Barnaby finds himself hunting a killer in Brighton with the assistance of his cousin, DCI John Barnaby. Neil Dudgeon who plays John Barnaby will take over when John Nettles leaves the show.

    There is clearly a lot of ill feeling between the Causton Council and the Brighton Council and the Causton Council, along with some members of the local Chamber of Commerce decide to travel to Brighton on a kind of goodwill visit. There is some land in Brighton which may or may not be suitable to build dwellings on and the whole thing looks a bit seedy but Barnaby has other things to deal with when a man who is as shady as the land deals ends up decapitated in the fun house.

    All that George Bullard can tell the two DCI Barnabys is that the murder weapon was a sharp blade of some kind, possibly a sword. Meanwhile, the wealthy and arrogant Lady Matilda William who is a former mayor of Causton and now on the council is unimpressed with everyone and everything to do with the connection to Brighton but, then again, she has problems of her own - a wheelchair-bound son, Richard, the last of the William family line, who was incapacitated after a mugging some twenty years earlier.

    At first, the Barnaby cousins don't connect the grandiose tales Lady Matilda's late husbands ancestors with the murder, but when a second victim, the owner of the local hotel is also beheaded, John and Tom have to wonder if all the crimes are connected and if so, how and what is the motive?

    I won't spoil the plot further by telling you the outcome, but I will tell you that all 'Midsomer Murders' fans must watch this one, even if it's only to get a first look at the man who will replace John Nettles as the lead character after Nettles quits the show following twelve seasons portraying Tom Barnaby. I for one will greatly miss John Nettles but I'm hoping for the sake of the show and the fans that DCI John Barnaby will be accepted and that this excellent series will continue.