Mighty Ducks

Season 1 Episode 5

Phil in the Blank

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 21, 1996 on ABC
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Phil in the Blank
Draggy plans on stealing an engine from a rocket, but he needs to keep the ducks occupied, so Wraith puts a spell on Phil, making him obey his every command. He sends the ducks on crazy and almost deadly public appearances. Unfortunately, Nosedive overhears their evil plans but gets a concussion soon after. Will he wake up in time to tell his friends?moreless

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      • Hunter Drone: Surrender or perish, ducks.
        Wildwing: Try none of the above, bit-for-brains!

      • Phil: You scared me half to death!
        Wraith: Only half? Pity.

      • Wraith: Obviously we weren't as inconspiciuos as you thought, Seige.
        Seige: Doesn't matter. By now that is one pressed duck.
        Wraith: You better hope so, cause I would dread being in your shoes if you fowl up prevented dragaunus from stealing "The Mammoth."
        Nosedive: Stealing what?!... This is gonna leave a bruise...Yaieeeee

      • Tanya: Oh okay, so basically you want us to go mountain climbing and snowbording and hand gliding in what, like, a raging storm?
        Mallory: Only a complete idiot would do something like that.
        Nosedive: Whoa hoho hoha this is gnarly!
        Mallory: See what I mean.

      • (In the out-of-control rocket)
        Nosedive: Aw Tanya, I told you to bring the parachutes.
        Tanya: No you...nuh uh.
        Nosedive: Oh well, next time I'll send a memo!
        Nosedive: I know, let's jump and hope we hit a pillow factory or some salt water.
        Tanya: What are you nuts?
        Nosedive: You know it...Ducks rock woo!

      • Wraith: (on the phone) Roast duck.
        Phil: That doesn't work anymore.
        Wraith: I know I'm ordering take-out.

      • Wildwing: That's it, NO MORE PUBLICITY STUNTS!!!
        Phil: It's just an autograph signing at a fireworks factory. What could go wrong?
        Wildwing: Forget it, Phil.

    • NOTES (1)

      • Normally a branch that thin wouldn't be able to hold a 100lb-120lb person. For the sake of the plot, however, since Nosedive saw them, they had to keep him up there long enough for him to hear their plan. Also, a fall from that height would probably kill anyone, regardless of the snow, but, for the show, they had to keep him alive and just have him in mid-conscious until near the climax of the episode.

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