Mighty Ducks

ABC (ended 1997)


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  • Never saw much of it but looking back on it, I wish I could've seen more.

    One of the last few Disney classics I love, the Mighty Ducks never caught me at first. I wasn't into the live action movie which of course had nothing to do with anything in this show. It also looked pretty dark but that's the same reason I now love Gargoyles, Batman: TAS, and the current series of the Ninja Turtles. Because of that, I'll be kicking myself for not watching so much of it. That and the awesome action and fairly good storylines.
    A bunch of mutant ducks from across the galaxy who like hockey and are from a planet named after that sport sounds pretty weird but after watching it, it's like the old school Ninja Turtles gone hockey crazy instead of pizza crazy. As usual, Tony Jay is mesmerizing as the voice of Wraith and Tim Curry was excellent as Dragonus. I mean, other than Gargoyles, this is one of the few Disney shows where the villains look and act quite menacing!
    The interaction the Ducks have with each other is just as good as any hero team, especially back then when most of these shows were done right.