Mighty Ducks

ABC (ended 1997)


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  • The Ducks went through several name changes before they appeared on the air. Preliminary sketches had labeled Nosedive as the team leader. Wildwing's jersey number, 00, is officially not allowed for use by NHL players.

    i watched the show mighty ducks: animated series growing up.
    any one know where i can download the mighty ducks animated series.
    i liked the vechiles. i wish it was on reruns where i live.
    i watch it on you tube but i want to burn shows to dvd.
    i looked alot of sites trying to find a place where i can get shows. i liked grin (strong as a elephant) not to smart somtimes he was funny. duke and malorey was cool.
    i would like it if disney made a new version of mighty ducks the animated series.
    or re runs of the 90s cartoon