Mighty Ducks

ABC (ended 1997)


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  • One of my favorite classics.

    This was one of my favorite classic shows, it had great action and a great story, Ducks who love to play hockey come to Earth to save it from Dragaunus and his henchmen and it has great action too, and this show also has a great mix of humor in it too as well as a great storyline. I can't believe this show isn't on Disney's Jetix action block, it deserves to be there. If Disney didn't mess with the Toon Disney Channel schedule so much by making the weekend latenight schecdule the same as the weeknight latenight schedule and didn't keep adding Disney Channel originals when they are still airing on regular Disney Channel and if they didn't add the Weekday Bonus Stacks (The worst thing of all in my opinion) Mighty Ducks might still be on the air. I enjoy Jetix because I enjoy action shows and I think Disney should show something for everyone (Classics, new stuff, Comedy, and Action) but really think that this show should have become part of it like how Gargoyles did. Hopefully one day it will come out on DVD. In the mean time, I started a petition to get Disney to create a channel exclusivly for Classic shows owned by The Walt Disney Company and in assossiation with Disney. The petition is called "Make a Disney Channel for Classic Shows". So far only a few classics have been coming out on DVD and I hope this show becomes one of them soon.