Mighty Machines - Season 2

TVO Premiered Jan 01, 2004 Unknown


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Episode Guide

  • In the Snowstorm!
    In the Snowstorm!
    Episode 10
    In the Snowstorm. Big plows and snow blowers help the city dig out from a big snowstorm
  • Subways, Buses and Trains!
    Buddy the Bus shows us how he and all the other transit vehicles get people to work and school. His special friend, O train, takes the time to take us all the way from one end to the other end of her sleek and shiny red cars as she zips along.moreless
  • Machines Go to School
    It's not easy for Backhoe to dig a tidy trench, and Bulldozer has a difficult time building an earth ramp.
  • Reach for the Sky!
    Reach for the Sky!
    Episode 7
    When the job calls for lifting big and heavy objects onto an area where a regular crane can?t reach, like the middle of the roof of a giant warehouse or factory, an AIR CRANE does the job. A Sikorsky helicopter named Gipsy Lady has twin jet engines and very long rotors to manage the heavy weight of the transformers and air conditioning units she flies up and onto the centre of the factory roof.moreless
  • Bringing In the Harvest
    A field of tomatoes may be vast, but Harvester can handle it.
  • At the Steel Mill
    At the Steel Mill
    Episode 5
    'Slab Hauler' is a big red machine with six huge tires and he guides us around a steel mill, after showing us how he can use his strong pincers to pick up slabs of hot steel and transport them to the slab yards and into the rolling mills. Since he moves around the mill so much, he knows all the machines that work there. He introduces us to 'Dozer' who grooms the hills of crushed coal and 'Scraper', the bottom loading vehicle that transports the coal to the cokemoreless
  • Go, Boats, Go!
    Go, Boats, Go!
    Episode 4
    A hovercraft is a very unusual boat propelled by big fans that blow downward, making it float on a cushion of air.
  • Ride Mountain Rails
  • In the Forest
    In the Forest
    Episode 3
    Deep in the forest, Feller is busy cutting timber. He is a strange-looking machine that lumbers along on his tracks until he finds a tree that he particularly likes, stops to give it a big hug with his enormous yellow arms, and "bzzzzt," cuts it.
  • Board the Ferry
    Board the Ferry
    Episode 2
    The Spirit of Vancouver Island picks up passengers, cars and trucks at the dock. With a long whistle, he's on his way.
  • Building an Airplane
    When Jet Girl lands at the airport near the factory, she remembers how she was assembled there. All the parts have to come together and be carefully inspected and tested at each position before the plane moves forward along the line. Does it look like a plane yet?