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Mighty Max

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Long ago there was an ancient civilization of very wise and intelligent fowls known as the Lemurians, who traveled through different parts of the universe by the use of portals. Skullmaster, a former student tried to unlock and garner the power of these portals. However, he was unsuccessful and when the Lemurians refused to reveal their secrets, he was enraged. He lashed out by wiping them all out of existence, except for one survivor, Virgil, who manages to escape. The Lemurians foretold in prophecy that in each generation a great hero known as the Mighty One will arise once he receives the key to the portals. The Mighty One will combat all shades of evil and will be the only one with the power to vanquish Skullmaster. To ensure the fulfillment of these prophecies, Virgil heads off on a journey to make preparations for the time that the great hero will be called upon to face his destiny.
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  • Great Show when it came out I was just retiring from the Corps.

    To bad there are people that take advantage of fans and setup sites to take our money. I had found one such site and ordered a DVD copy (2) discs both seasons and I havent gotten a thing. Now I am waiting for my cc bill so that I can find them. Where is Norman when you need him.
  • Max, a teenager chosen to save the world reluctantly accepts his fate as legendary hero. Accompanied by his mentor, Virgil, and boyguard, Norman, he journeys around the globe by means of a mystic baseball cap, fights all sorts of evil, and learns genuinemoreless

    Terrific cartoon loosely based on the toy series of the same name. Far more than just a marketing device, Mighty Max was well written and had endearing characters, ambitious story lines, and often funny character-driven dialogue. the show's short but meaningful run gained it a fan following but as of yet has not been released on DVD. Mighty Max seperated itself from less inspired series with it's excellent character dynamic, wherein three equally likable heroes conquered evil united by mutual friendship and responsibility. Unlike many cartoons that attempt to teach the same lessons over and over again in corny, preachy 'special episodes', Mighty Max presented a well written and surprisingly cohesive story and allowed children to find the message on their own instead of being blugeoned with it. It showed that people don't have to be alike or share much in common in order to like one another and make a difference. Each episode was genuinely entertaining and the true series finale was revelutionary for a children's show. In it Norman and Virgil sacrifice themselves in order to save Max's life and urge him to run away from his problems and forget about them. His archnemesis further insists that everything is foredestined to occur and nothing he can do can change his fate. Instead of shirking his responsibilies to his friends and taking the easy way out, he confronts his fears head on and amazingly changes the socalled 'inevitable'. This subtle episode speaks much more for the qualities of faithfulness, dedication, bravery, and integrity than many many tasteless lectures.moreless
  • Live adventures with the chosen one, and find yourself in the middle of monsters and other creatures, while saving the world with Max, Virgil and Norman.

    This is probably one of the most exiciting and imaginative shows ever done in the 90's. The show tells us the story of a kid named Max, who happens to be chosen by a red cap, and turns himself into the "Chosen One", the only one who can save the Earth from all kinds evil. Accompanied by their friends Virgil, a talking fowl and Norman, an immortal swordsman who loves a good fight, Max travels the world trying to save it, while also solving mysteries. The plot of the series was rather simple, but very cool. The animation was fluid, and the music itself was just the icing on top of the cake. Plus, the voice cast included actors like Frank Welker, Tim Curry, Kath Soucie, Rob Paulsen and others.

    A definite must for all of those who love great stories and shows about mystery and supense.moreless
  • A Childhood Show That Still Lives on Today.

    This show was a show of my childhood that I would get up early on weekday mornings before school to see. I enjoyed the story line and the characters, the mix of funniness and adventure all in one. I especially liked that this show didn't mind getting its hands dirty...unlike some shows today. When a villian or a hapless victim disappeared, they were really dead. Max wasn't afraid to kill, and Norman was cool in always wanting to fight. The villians were cool for this show as well, not plasticy or holding back. Some of them were really out of their minds, like Dr. Bob and Freako, and some were just plain murderous like Skullmaster. You see Max throughout the series learning piece by piece about heroism. He bares a magical cap, but it's really his own bravery and ingenuity that saves the day. He learns a lot of subtle lessons which lead to the final battle in the end.

    Then Max found the strength to do what all heroes would do. He was willing to sacrifice his life to save the world, and he ended up rewinding time to the very beginning, and the show Mighty Max starts all over again with a little deja vu for all characters included!

    Everything was awesome, and an excellent end to an excellent series.moreless
  • Childhood favorite

    Mighty Max,which based off of the Mighty Max toys, is about a kid named Max, who with the help of Virgil and Norman, travel to different worlds via portals created by Max's cap, try to stop the evil Skull Master, from taking over the world.

    I remember watching this show when I was younger, I loved Mighty Max, and I loved the toys, I always though it was funny when Max kept calling Vigil a chicken when he was a foul, and the different areas that portals would appear.

    I miss this show, and I wish it would have had a longer run, but even in its short run it was still a great show and will always be a classic to me.moreless

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