Mighty Max

(ended 1994)




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Mighty Max

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Long ago there was an ancient civilization of very wise and intelligent fowls known as the Lemurians, who traveled through different parts of the universe by the use of portals. Skullmaster, a former student tried to unlock and garner the power of these portals. However, he was unsuccessful and when the Lemurians refused to reveal their secrets, he was enraged. He lashed out by wiping them all out of existence, except for one survivor, Virgil, who manages to escape. The Lemurians foretold in prophecy that in each generation a great hero known as the Mighty One will arise once he receives the key to the portals. The Mighty One will combat all shades of evil and will be the only one with the power to vanquish Skullmaster. To ensure the fulfillment of these prophecies, Virgil heads off on a journey to make preparations for the time that the great hero will be called upon to face his destiny.

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Animation, Fantasy


Robots & Androids, Monsters & Mutants, Superheroes