Mighty Max

Season 1 Episode 1

A Bellwether in One's Cap

Aired Unknown Sep 01, 1993 on



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    • Max: Don't mess with Mighty Max, you big bozo!

    • Skullmaster: You can't escape. I'll rip your limbs from your body, and slowly suck the marrow from your bones!

    • Virgil: Every person has a gift, and in their gift, lies their destiny. You Mighty Max are a hero, and you have been chosen to wear the last cosmic cap to victory. As such, you the wearer of the cap have access to the long lost transport of the gods.

    • Max: Okay, what's this all about, and how come you look like... a chicken?
      Virgil: My name is Virgil and I'm a fowl, not a chicken.

    • Skullmaster: At last, the Chosen One. Turn around, so I may see you.
      Max: No, no don't tell me. Let me guess: Skullmaster, right?
      Skullmaster: You're the Chosen One? Prophesied to destroy me? You're a worm... an insect... a nothing!
      Max: Hey! Don't get me steamed, bonehead, or I'll gnaw you're ankles off. (whispers to himself) Gee, if I sounded tough enough.
      Skullmaster: 5,000 years of anger and fear, and now I find you are... not at all.

    • Virgil: Stop! Look at your cap. This is the gateway to Skull Mountain!
      Max: In my basement?
      Virgil: What better place? You are the Chosen One.

    • Skullmaster: What has happened? The Chosen One could have done this. He's coming, as prophesied... to destroy me, and I'm so close to release. Go! Find him first, and bring me his beating heart, and I'll eat it raw!

    • Virgil: I am very wise, and shall instruct you in the ways of being a hero. My specialty!
      Max: Great, a chicken teaching me to be brave.

    • Virgil: Basically you're it! Mighty Max!
      Max: Yeah, but this mighty stuff. It sounds wussy.

    • Skullmaster: Dig. Swallow. Chew. Eat me a hole so I may bring... pain! A tunnel to unleash my torment... upon them. Up... on the surface... in the sun... Dig a path for me to be freeeeee!

    • Max: What was the flaming pyro thingy waiting for me at the mini-mart?
      Virgil: A lava beast, and at the ordained mini mart.

    • Max: Hee-yah! Don't mess with me buddy! Uh--I know the ancient deadly art of uhm... uh fu-du. Yeah--yeah, and--and I can rip your eyes out... and show 'ehm to you before you die!
      Virgil: Right then. Follow us to the portal, Mighty Max.

    • Max: Hey, Virg. Can chickens fly?
      Virgil: What was that?!

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