Mighty Max

Season 2 Episode 23

Armageddon Closer (1)

Aired Unknown Nov 14, 1994 on

Episode Recap

Max is miserable during his birthday celebration because Virgil and Norman haven't arrived or communicated with him in a while. He creates a ruckus by tearing apart his birthday presents and cake in search of a message from the two, but there is nothing. He is happy when they do arrive, but is puzzled when they tell him that he must leave immediately to take care of something urgent relating to his birthday. Virgil and Norman take Max to their home where he jokes, but is serious about hanging out with the two sometime in the future. Virgil is mysteriously saddened by Max's comment. He reveals to Max the source of most of his knowledge by partly pulling down a curtain to reveal a large mosaic of pictures. The mosaic shows the events that have transpired so far in Max's journey since he received his call as the Mighty One. Virgil goes briefly through it and reveals that Skullmaster is not dead as they originally thought, but is alive and well and has reconstructed the crystal of souls with help from pages of the Lemurian Arcana. Max goes over to the corner of the mosaic to take a look at what is remained hidden under the curtain. He is taken a back and horrified to find a picture of Norman being devoured by a large spider. Norman comes immediately to cover the picture, and assure Max that that he shouldn't be worried and concern himself with it. Virgil tells Max that he must do his best to keep the cap away from Skullmaster until the winter solstice is over. As Max asks Virgil what happens next; that is when Skullmaster breaks through the mosaic to respond, "You will die Capbearer!" Norman, Virgil, and Max fight and flee through the portals to distance the cap as far away as possible from Skullmaster. They encounter past evil adversaries who are under the control of the crystal of souls. The three land in a city where a large spider is causing major destruction in its path. Dread comes over Norman when he realizes the dark hour of his destiny is at hand. TO BE CONTINUED