Mighty Max

Season 2 Episode 24

Armageddon Outta Here (2)

Aired Unknown Nov 16, 1994 on

Episode Recap

Realizing that there is nothing that he could do to alter his destiny, Norman decides to engage the spider in final combat and go down fighting. Max attempts to help Norman, but Virgil pushes Max into a portal and then follows after him. Furious and saddened, Max questions Virgil's actions and tells him that they could have saved Norman. Virgil tells him that there was nothing both of them could do because Norman's death was foretold by prophecy and that when his time comes at Stonehenge, that he would want Max to respect that. He warns Max not to go Stonehenge during the winter solstice because that is when darkness is at its strongest. Virgil makes Max promise not to travel to Stonehenge during that time and they prepare to get going, but are stopped in their tracks when they run into Skullmaster and Warmonger. Max is sent to the Astral Plane by Virgil, a place where Skullmaster is forbidden to follow. Virgil is then taken captive by Skullmaster and Warmonger.

With the power from the crystal of souls, Skullmaster sends a message to Max through Talon (an old adversary of the Mighty One), giving him an ultimatum to either bring the cap to Stonehenge or he will kill Virgil. Even though Max knows that the drastic action that he is about to take will defy what Virgil told him about the winter solstice, Max does not want another one of his friends to die. So he heads to Skull Mountain to recruit the help of Lava Lord who is still very bitter about the destruction of his prized creation, Magus. Max attempts to offer Lava Lord his help in rebuilding Magus in exchange for helping him with his problems. But Lava Lord reveals to him that his help is not needed because he has already rebuilt Magus and would like to quench his thirst for revenge by doing a test run on Max. Max does some quick thinking and tells Lava Lord that he should redirect his focus of revenge on Skullmaster who has done even more damage. Lava Lord finally agrees to help Max with his plan to take down Skullmaster and rescue Virgil.

At Stonehenge, Virgil proclaims that Max will not be making this meeting, but Skullmaster quickly refutes him by saying that the Mighty One will arrive on time because he values such qualities as loyalty and friendship. Virgil, still sticking by his beliefs is horrified to see that he was wrong when Max arrives with Lava Lord and Magus. Drawing power out of the ground from the Crystal of Souls, Skullmaster summons Fuath from the earth to do battle against Magus. It looks like Lava Lord is getting the upper hand when the lava from Magus is able to burn and tear apart the Fuath, but Skullmaster has something up his sleeve. He uses the Crystal of Souls to drive both Lava Lord and Magus back into the center of the earth. Skullmaster then turns his attention to Max who is struggling to release Virgil from the metallic rings that bind him to one of the blocks of Stonehenge. Virgil tells him to leave now or it will be too late. Skullmaster tells Max that he will free Virgil and let them both go if he is given the cap. Virgil objects to this deal, but Max tells him that he can't just leave him to die. Max hands over his cap to Skullmaster who releases Virgil and then vaporizes him with the Crystal of Souls.

Max lashes out at Skullmaster in anger, but is quickly grabbed by Warmonger. Skullmaster reveals to Max that when the sun goes down over Stonehenge, he will receive power from the crystal of souls to control time and space to reign as supreme ruler over the universe. That the only person with the ability to harness this power is the one who possesses the cap. Warmonger asks Skullmaster what his reward for his service to him. Skullmaster pays Warmonger in full by vaporizing him for his disloyalty (see the episode, "I, Warmonger") and then attempts to do the same to Max, who barely dodges the impact of the blast. As the sun sets, Skullmaster puts on the cap, which transforms into a golden crown with a serpent coiled around it. The power begins to surge through Skullmaster as Max remembers what Virgil once told him, "that every person has a gift, and in that gift, lies their destiny." Max then rushes towards Skullmaster, grabbing hold of the crystal of souls, which creates a breach in the transmitting of power to Skullmaster. The interference of the Mighty One in Skullmaster's ritual causes the two to travel through time at a dangerously rapid speed. As a result of the disturbance in time, Max and Skullmaster begin to fade in and out of their reality until there is a massive blast of bright light.

Dazed and confused, Max finds himself transported back to his bedroom at home without memory of the recent events. Max rushes downstairs to sign for a package when the door bell rings. He then starts to remember the events that had recently transpired and brought him back to this moment. The moment that he first received his call as the Mighty One, and he receives a message from Virgil telling him to not take so long this time to meet him and Norman. Max breaks the statue to get the cap. With a renewed understanding of his destiny, he puts on the cap and vows this time to really kick Skullmaster's butt.