Mighty Max

Season 2 Episode 20

I, Warmonger

Aired Unknown Oct 26, 1994 on

Episode Recap

Warmonger and Skullmaster head to an island in the central point of the equator inhabited by Hydra, a two headed dragon that balances the polarity in the world with each head between good and evil. Skullmaster attempts to use pages in the Lemurian Arcana to eliminate the good side of Hydra and have it merge with the evil side so that he can receive more power by having dominion over it. Max, Virgil, and Norman attempt to stop him because if he is successful, it will throw the world off balance. Skullmaster nearly completes most of the spell, but the page that he needs to control Hydra is blown out of his hand by a powerful gust of wind. Warmonger, who has become fed up with being treated like dirt after serving Skullmaster so long, quickly grabs the page and uses it to gain control of Hydra and orders it to destroy his boss. Virgil begins to panic and tells Max and Norman that this must not happen, that they must prevent Skullmaster from being killed. Max is shocked and questions this statement. Virgil responds by saying that Max is the Mighty One prophesized as the only person that will vanquish Skullmaster. If anyone else does this, the end result will unleash a greater evil into this world.

Norman and Max attempt to protect Skullmaster, who wants nothing of it and is still bent on destroying the Mighty One. By being stubborn and having no protection, Skullmaster is vaporized by Hydra. Warmonger becomes the great evil that Virgil talked about. He orders Hydra to destroy Max and his friends. Virgil reveals to Max a page that he had from the Lemurian Arcana with great power, which he was saving for him to use against Skullmaster. With old bone face dead, Max could use this page to stop Warmonger by returning the good side to Hydra, which would again bring balance to the world. While Norman battles Warmonger, Max summons the power from the page and directs it towards the evil head of Hydra who says that true power comes from darkness. Max realizing the fallacy of Hydra's statement and that light is the source of all that is strong in the world redirects the power to the head of Hydra that once was good. The polarity of both heads are returned to normal, but all the trouble that has occurred proves to be too stressful for the island which begins to sink into the ocean. Norman, Virgil, and Max head for the nearest portal to get them safely out of there. Virgil tells Max and Norman that with these events coming to pass, the prophecies that he follows no longer apply to the world.

Warmonger vows to destroy Max and his friends as he returns to Skull Mountain. While there, he is shocked to find Skullmaster emerging out of the shadows alive to reveal that one of the many powers of the Lemurian Arcana is illusion. The events that had transpired were all part of his grand plan to have Max use up the power in the page that could destroy him. Skullmaster promises to reward Warmonger in the near future for his actions that helped further his plan, but they must focus because there are great things to be done and now there is nothing in the world that can stop him.