Mighty Max

Season 2 Episode 2

Pandora's Box (2)

Aired Unknown Sep 07, 1994 on

Episode Recap

Lava Lord attempts to destroy Skullmaster with the help of his creation, "Magus", but is unsuccessful. Max and Norman are hurt and confused by Virgil's betrayal. Their doubts are put to rest when they discover that Virgil has not become evil, but has setup Skullmaster. Virgil helps Max and Norman take control of Magus. This gives Max the opportunity to fulfill his destiny as the weapons of Magus are locked on Skullmaster, ready to fire. Skullmaster quickly grabs hold of Virgil to use as his protection.

Max is on the brink of ridding the world of Skullmaster, but he won't fire because his friend's life is more important to him than fulfilling the prophecy. Despite Virgil's objections, Max chooses not to kill Skull Master in order to save the wise old fowel. During the final moments of the confrontation, Max uses a portal to transport him, Norman, and Virgil back to the surface. But in the process he also frees Warmonger and Skullmaster who releases the dragon. On the dragon Skullmaster announces that, "The final conflict has begun." Virgil is angry with Max, but accepts the decision that was made. Now Max, Virgil, and Norman must work even harder to protect the world from Skullmaster.