Mighty Max

(ended 1994)





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  • An excellent show that lagged a bit mid-way through its run, but was nonetheless top notch.

    Mighty Max was a 40 episode cartoon series that was inspired by an interesting toy line. The toys themselves involved small figures (about a centimeter high generally) that fit into a case generally shaped like a monster (a few inches long and wide) that featured a mini-setup inside for the various figurines.

    The toy line was so-so, but the show used to promote it was definately top notch. Similar in some respects to 'Jonny Quest,' 'Mighty Max' revolved around "the chosen one," the titular character, and his various adventures and attempts to save the world and, ultimately, fulfill his destiny and defeat the immortal villan Skull Master. He was joined by Virgil, an ancient (chicken) sage, and Norman, a bruiser previously known as both Thor and Samson. Max also was occaisionally joined by his mom and friends Bea and Felix.

    Far more supernatural then 'Jonny Quest,' the first season of the series focused on the seeming inevitability of fate. Eventually this would develop into a mix of fate and free will, a major theme that was reduced in effect at the beginning of the second season with a change of writers. Thankfully the second half of the second season returned to the darker roots of the series. Several new villans, such as Doctor Zygote and Cyberskull, were excellent additions to the show.

    While there were some pretty poor episodes ('Rumble in the Jungle' and 'Clown Without Pity' come to mind), overall the series is excellent. The finale as well is so-so, but the rest of the series is what truly makes this series so great.