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(ended 1994)





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  • Max, a teenager chosen to save the world reluctantly accepts his fate as legendary hero. Accompanied by his mentor, Virgil, and boyguard, Norman, he journeys around the globe by means of a mystic baseball cap, fights all sorts of evil, and learns genuine

    Terrific cartoon loosely based on the toy series of the same name. Far more than just a marketing device, Mighty Max was well written and had endearing characters, ambitious story lines, and often funny character-driven dialogue. the show's short but meaningful run gained it a fan following but as of yet has not been released on DVD. Mighty Max seperated itself from less inspired series with it's excellent character dynamic, wherein three equally likable heroes conquered evil united by mutual friendship and responsibility. Unlike many cartoons that attempt to teach the same lessons over and over again in corny, preachy 'special episodes', Mighty Max presented a well written and surprisingly cohesive story and allowed children to find the message on their own instead of being blugeoned with it. It showed that people don't have to be alike or share much in common in order to like one another and make a difference. Each episode was genuinely entertaining and the true series finale was revelutionary for a children's show. In it Norman and Virgil sacrifice themselves in order to save Max's life and urge him to run away from his problems and forget about them. His archnemesis further insists that everything is foredestined to occur and nothing he can do can change his fate. Instead of shirking his responsibilies to his friends and taking the easy way out, he confronts his fears head on and amazingly changes the socalled 'inevitable'. This subtle episode speaks much more for the qualities of faithfulness, dedication, bravery, and integrity than many many tasteless lectures.
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