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(ended 1994)





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  • A lost classic!

    Mighty Max was my favourite television show when I was a kid and I still hold it to be one of the best written cartoons ever made. For it’s 6:30 AM weekday timeslot on Fox Kids, it was sophisticated, thrilling and funny. The concept of travelling the all over the world to fight evil just works. I always thought, even at five years old, how convenient for the Power Rangers that the monsters only attack Angel Grove, which is only a small US city, when they could go anywhere they want. With ‘Mighty Max’, it’s all about travelling to save the world, but how the mysterious and wise Virgil knows all of this is left a mystery until the season finale. The three main characters are excellently performed and written, in fact the same goes for the villainous Skull Master, heck, every character on the show with the exception of maybe Ernie. Although there were a few TERRIBLE stereotypes, (Foggy, Victorian London…in 1993??) the show was far more culturally and geographically minded than the other offerings of the time, as demonstrated by the after show facts told by Max about the country visited that episode. These didn’t feel tacked on, they were genuinely interesting and informative. In closing, I’d like to say I just love Norman, seriously one of my favourite characters of anything ever. He was Thor AND Hercules, was part of the centre court of Camelot…the guy’s been around but has such a great presence. There were only 2 seasons of this terrific show, now if only they’d put it back on TV/ release it on DVD!
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