Mighty Max - Season 1

(ended 1994)




Episode Guide

  • The Maxnificent Seven
    Virgil, Norman, and Max travel across the world to recruit the help of different heroes to join them in their crusade to destroy the crystal of souls. During this journey, Max starts to become uncertain about his destiny and wonders if he should be the one to lead this group.
  • Out in the Cold
    Out in the Cold
    Episode 12
    Space aliens take over a science station in the arctic and assume the identities of the researchers in order to carry out their devious plan. The aliens can only survive in freezing cold temperatures and they want to make the earth their new home by altering the entire planet's climate by creating another ice age. It is up to Max, Norman, and Virgil to stop them.moreless
  • Werewolves of Dunneglen
    Max heads to Scotland in order to deal with a series of vicious werewolf attacks.
  • Bring Me the Head of Mighty Max
    Skullmaster calls upon an ancient, undead army to bring him the head of Mighty Max - dead or alive.
  • Less Than 20,000 Squid Heads Under the Sea
    Max, Virgil, Norman, and a rich Texan go traveling underwater in submarine to battle a giant octopus that is capturing and destroying ships. While underwater, the group encounters a squid civilization.
  • Norman's Conquest
    Norman's Conquest
    Episode 8
    Spike, a fearsome warrior who murdered Norman's father, is revived. Norman struggles with the uncharacteristic feelings of fear and doubt as he tries to find away to defeat his old enemy and finally put his father to rest.
  • The Mother of All Adventures
    Max's mom brings a figurine back from Haiti that turns out to be filled with zombie parasites.
  • Rumble in the Jungle
    While on an expedition in the Congo, Max's mom uncovers and is captured by a lost civilization of talking gorillas who enslave human beings. Max with the help of Virgil and Norman set out to rescue his mom and the enslaved humans.
  • Let Sleeping Dragons Lie!
    Skullmaster tricks a sorcerer into reviving an ancient dragon, with the intent that it ravages the earth and frees him.
  • Day of the Cyclops
    Day of the Cyclops
    Episode 4
    While vacationing with his mom in Turkey, Max is accused of stealing a baseball cap and gets the cosmic cap taken away from him and is imprisoned. Norman attempts to free Max from the prison, but they encounter and must do battle against a giant Cyclops. Meanwhile, Virgil and Max's mom search desperately for the missing cap.moreless
  • Snakes & Laddies
    Snakes & Laddies
    Episode 3
    When Max brings an ancient necklace back from Egypt and gives it to a girl named Jiffy, it turns out to have a curse that causes her to be kidnapped for sacrifice to a snake god.
  • The Brain Suckers Cometh!
    Max, Virgil, and Norman must prevent the earth from being invaded by brain sucking space aliens. The only way to do this is for Max to make amends with Ernie, his nerdy loudmouth lab partner from school. Ernie is the only one that can crack the computer codes on the aliens' disksmoreless
  • A Bellwether in One's Cap
    Eleven-year-old Max receives a baseball cap that turns out to be the key to a series of teleport "portals" left by the ancient Lemurians, which as the foretold "Mighty One" he must use to defeat the evil Skullmaster.