Mighty Max

Season 2 Episode 12

Tar Wars

Aired Unknown Sep 30, 1994 on



  • Trivia

    • In the episode, "Rumble in the Jungle," Norman pushes over a gigantic stone head, yet in this episode he's unable to budge a significantly smaller boulder. The boulder also seems to get about twice as big between Goar picking it up and when it lands in the cave entrance.

    • Goar hits the boulder they use to seal the cave mouth, presumably to make sure it'll hold the saber tooth tiger, and nothing happens. But the tiger is supposed to be equally as strong as Goar, and explodes through the boulder with no trouble whatsoever.

    • An eleven year old boy, his mother, a three and a half foot tall fowl, and two huge men can all fit it in the taxi at once? That's one roomy backseat.

  • Quotes

    • Max: You know, he was probably the first superhero.
      Virgil: Indeed, but your use of the past tense is incorrect, Mighty One. Goar lives on, protecting the world from that immortal beast.

    • Max: What are we facing this time? A beast? A monster? A demon?
      Man #1: It's a beast!
      Man #2: It's a monster!
      Man #3: It's a demon!
      Max: Ha! Ace Ventura always gets it!

    • Virgil: We must act at once, Mighty One!
      Max's Mom: Max, you're not going into that tunnel unless I go with you.
      Max: Ohh, I wonder if other superheroes had to bring their moms along when they save the world.
      Max's Mom: Come on! You know I'm not like other moms. (getting closer to the tunnel) Careful honey, you might poke your eye out.

  • Notes

    • Virgil's means of summoning: On one of the squares on the Hollywood walk of fame, Virgil leaves Max a message and a foot print. The message was "Mighty One, go to John Wayne, Virgil. Fowl actually!

    • Educational Epilogue: The La brea tar pits (recovery of fossils).

  • Allusions

    • Title: Tar Wars

      The name of this episode is a clear reference to the famous science fiction film Star Wars.