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Mighty Med

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Kaz and Oliver are two major comic book fanboys who find out about a secret hospital for superheroes and start working there after school, encountering unusual adventures along the way.

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  • Meh, I might pass on this one

    So Mighty Med is about two teenagers working in a superhero hospital to help heroes while dealing with supervillains. Hasn't this been done to death? We've all seen it before you know.
  • Just the plot of the show tells you its original and good!

    I was hooked on this show right when first heard the theme song by Adam Hicks! The actors are great and the story lines are even better! Once Lab rats is finished this show becomes the number one show on Disney Xd! Which I may say is the best channel for teen shows! Plot:10 Original

    Characters: 9 Horaces jokes can get annoying

    Theme song: 10

    Actors: great 8 perfect fit for the show

    Suggestions: Have more celebrity guess stars!moreless
  • Awesome show

    I love this show. It's far more clever, funnier and more unique than most network comedies. The two leads have great chemistry and I love watching the story arcs unfold each week!
  • Steer Clear

    So Disney decided to take my least favorite character from good luck charlie, and some annoying kid from that shitty show ant farm, and form it into a series. No, just no. It contains the same cliched jokes you'd expect Disney to have, that annoying canned laughter, and contains very unsatisfying villains and action. It's just a terrible show all around, but not the worst I've come across.
  • Horrible Show, too predictable

    The series had the ball rolling but the dialogue and plot are just horrible especially for this episode

    1. Why is there even a prison in a hospital?

    2. Why does the annihilator ask Skylar to get rid of them if he has the power to do it?

    3. Why does he even need her for that matter?

    4. Why are they continuing to sacrafice Megahertz even though the hospital is on lockdown?

    5. How long has zapping a phone with electricity been able to give it amplified signal?

    6. Why does Skylar forget everythig else Kaz and Oliver say but remember it when it can mystify the plot?

    7. When Kaz and Oliver went to the weight room there's no way they wouldn't have seen them, they were right there?

    8. Why does the annihilator conveniently have the powers of rewind with him? Can simply having them in a container keep them working?

    9. How can you turn someones powers evil anyway? She still had the same brain and sense of mind before she got her power's back, but as soon as she takes them back she turns evil? That makes no sense at all.

    10. Why does the annihilator even need those things, he has basically every superhero's power and he doesn't need anything else to take over the world.

    11. Again, it is a hospital why would they keep weapons that can be used to destroy the world in the hospital?

    12. How could Skylar put a shield around the whole building without civilians seeing her, it is connected to a real hospital so does that mean everyone knows superhero's exist?

    I like the concept of the show but there are way more sins of this show than 12, but I don't have the time to continue, but they should cancel the show, horrible plot, horrible dialogue they try to add a joke into every cornermoreless

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