Mighty Med

Disney XD (ended 2015)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • 9/9/15

      Oliver grapples with internal conflict as he walks his mother down the aisle.  Meanwhile, Kaz and Skylar struggle to protect the Arcturion from all the villains that it beckons.

    • 8/19/15
      Kaz and Skylar hunt for the all-powerful Arcturion; Oliver recruits an unlikely candidate to protect him from Mr. Terror.
    • 8/12/15

      Kaz and Skylar search for a flash drive containing valuable information.  Meanwhile, Alan begins a family counseling session with Horace, Oliver and his mother while selecting outfits for the upcoming wedding.

    • Living the Dream
      Episode 17

      Oliver experiences a vivid dream that inspires a story for a Tecton comic, which leads to trouble when Kaz takes credit for it and is captured by a villain.  Meanwhile, Alan assists Horace in wedding planning.

    • 7/8/15

      When Captain Atomic becomes their new history teacher at their school under a fake identity, Jordan suspects he's the real life superhero.  Meanwhile, Stefanie believes Skylar's alter ego is fake.

    • 7/22/15

      Continuing from Part 1 (seen on Lab Rats), the Incapacitator has stolen Davenport's new energy device from the Bionic Academy, having severely injured Chase in the process. Kaz and Oliver take the bionic heroes to Mighty Med where they can seek treatment. However, Horace is unfamiliar with bionics, which leaves Kaz and Leo with the task of helping Chase, while Oliver and Skylar work with Adam and Bree to find the Incapacitator. Once they track him down, the whole gang battle the villain before he can gain unlimited power.

    • 7/1/15

      Gulliver and Chaz seem to be normo teens who stumble into Mighty Med and are hired to work there by Horace.  But Oliver and Kaz learn they're actually evil, and seek to use Caduceo's powers to resurrect a villain.  Meanwhile, Skylar installs a suggestion box to boost staff morale.

    • 4/15/15

      The Key Keeper announces his retirement as a superhero after getting injured and looks for a replacement. Meanwhile, Oliver meets his mother's new boyfriend, and to his utter surprise, is someone very familiar.

    • Oliver is in charge of rehabilitating Wallace and Clyde since he believes they still have good left in them.  Meanwhile, Kaz tries to give himself superpowers with Skylar's help.

    • Sparks Fly
      Episode 11

      When superhero Spark, a tough-as-nails teenage girl, meets Kaz at Mighty Med, they go out on a date.  But Spark becomes crazy jealous of anyone Kaz talks to, so he fakes his death in hopes she'll go away, but when Spark learns the truth, it breaks her heart.

    • 3/25/15

      When alien superhero Arachnia is brought to the hospital after being attacked, her egg sack latches onto Oliver, making him responsible to keeping her 400 eggs safe until they're ready to hatch. Kaz helps to hide his pregnancy at school, but Oliver becomes the target of Hunter Bounty, an evil bounty hunter who wants the eggs for a huge payoff.

    • Less Than Hero
      Episode 9

      In an attempt to recruit new superheroes, Kaz holds superhero tryouts.  Meanwhile, Oliver takes Skylar to a dance tournament to try to cheer her up when she’s not allowed to compete in the superhero tryouts.

    • Stop Bugging Me
      Episode 8

      Oliver, Skylar, Alan and Gus work on a school project together, and Kaz is left alone at Mighty Med while a rare and dangerous alien bug is on the loose.

    • Future Tense
      Episode 7

      A man from the future reveals himself to be an older Kaz, who seeks to eliminate someone who may turn out to be an evil villain. To the boys' shock, it could be Oliver! Meanwhile, Skylar learns she's the most hated among the superheroes at Mighty Med and seeks to redeem herself among the group.

    • Storm's End
      Episode 6

      Evil Skylar realizes her powers are greater than the Annihilator's and no longer wants to take orders from him, leading Oliver and Kaz into a desperate situation in order to save her.  Meanwhile, at the comic book store, Jordan suspects superheroes are real and seeks to expose Techton as one.

    • Kaz and Oliver travels to Caldera, Skylar's home planet, to find Hapax the Elder. There, they try to convince him to come back to Earth and defeat the Annihilator, but he needs to see their bravery first. Meanwhile, Horace struggles to keep Alan away from Optimo when he visits Mighty Med.

    • 11/10/14

      Kaz and Oliver try to prevent Skylar from discovering that they know she is evil, so she won't kill them. But the situation gets complicated when Skylar asks Oliver to the school dance.  Meanwhile, Alan finds himself in the middle of Gus and Jordan's prank war against each other.

    • Mighty Mole
      Episode 3

      Kaz and Oliver suspect there's a mole working with the Annihilator and Agent Blaylock returns to question a few suspects, including Alan.

    • Lair, Lair
      Episode 2

      Oliver and Kaz plan to infiltrate the Annihilator's lair to take his collection of superpowers and restore them to the superheroes, but a still evil Skylar thwarts their efforts. Meanwhile, Alan and some of the heroes attend a Halloween party at the high school figuring the students will think they're ordinary people in costume.

    • 10/20/14

      Kaz and Oliver are trapped in the ER by an evil Skylar and the Annihilator.  The two villains plan to take over the hospital, and eventually, the world.  Meanwhile, Jordan and Gus run the comic book store in Wallace and Clyde's absence.

  • Season 1