Mighty Mouse

FOX (ended 1961)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Cat Alarm
      Cat Alarm
      Episode 76
      Mouseville's defenses against cats works so well that Mighty Mouse can take a vacation. The cats trick Mighty Mouse into issuing an alert that the dam has busted to he can lure all the mice to the cats' hideout. Our hero discovers he's been tricked when he sees the dam is perfectly secure.moreless
    • The Mysterious Package
      Little boys in Mouseville receive packages, each containing a space helmet. When they put it on they are mysteriously drawn up to a castle, where a creature roams. Mighty Mouse is on the trail to do battle only to discover the creature was a little old man who had a curse put on him. He only brought the boys to his castle to lure Mighty Mouse. The kids were kept safe--in a giant amusement park room.moreless
    • The Reformed Wolf
      The Reformed Wolf
      Episode 74
      A wolf eating a carrot tells a friend he's gone vegetarian because his plans to catch a sheep for dinner are continually foiled by forces he cannot explain. The dippy sheepdog would seem to be a pushover but the wolf's failure is attributed to the on-time presence of Mighty Mouse.
    • The Helpless Hippo
      The Helpless Hippo
      Episode 74
      Mighty Mouse is the hero responsible for keeping peace and order in the jungle. When a gang of vultures terrorizes a baby hippopotamus, Mighty Mouse gives them the heave-ho but winds up being the baby hippo's nursemaid.
    • Outer Space Visitor
      The mice's barn dance is interrupted by the arrival of a UFO containing a baby robot alien. A scientist translates the baby's dialog, and he says his father is on the way to destroy everything. Mighty Mouse is soon alerted and does battle with the robot monster.
    • Spare The Rod
      Spare The Rod
      Episode 73

      Sort of a cartoon "Blackboard Jungle" has Mighty Mouse dressed as a boy scout in order to infiltrate the whereabouts of juvenile delinquents who make off with a van (even though they're not big enough). As the truck goes out of control, one of the punks falls out of the payload and gets caught in a railroad track with a train approaching.

    • When Mousehood Was In Flower
      The castle Pureheart is impoverished and black knight Harry seeks to foreclose. In exchange for the mortgage he can either marry Pearl or have a champion of their choosing face Harry in a duel. When all seems lost, Mighty Mouse steps forward.
    • Hot Rods
      Hot Rods
      Episode 71
      Young mice in fast cars can only spell trouble when cats are involved. Mighty Mouse corrects all that.
    • Hero For A Day
      Hero For A Day
      Episode 70
      A Mortimer Snerd mouse discovers his girlfriend has the hots for Mighty Mouse and feels dejected. He then obtains a Mighty Mouse costume and tries to make his girl think he's just as good. When cats show up and render the dude out cold, Mighty Mouse shows up, beats up the cats and lets the little guy take the credit for it.moreless
    • A Soapy Opera
      A Soapy Opera
      Episode 69
      Oil Can Harry obtains a Mighty Mouse doll and makes Pearl think he's beating him up. Pearl pleads for Harry to stop and she'll do anything. He consigns her to laundry duty at his laundry factory, but Pearl renegs when she finds she's been had. Mighty Mouse traces the trail of sawdust from the Mighty Mouse doll to a soap bubble with Pearl's call for help.moreless
    • Happy Holland
      Happy Holland
      Episode 68
      Pearl is the belle of the tulip dance in Holland but she is captured by Harry and turned into his own marionette. As Mighty Mouse does battle, Harry lays the unconscious Pearl on the platform of a windmill roller.
    • Hansel And Gretel
      Hansel And Gretel
      Episode 67
      Two children mice as the title story characters get lost in the woods and are captured by a wicked witch.
    • Prehistoric Perils
      Prehistoric Perils
      Episode 66
      A chase leads Harry, Pearl, and Mighty Mouse to a time machine where a battle activates it and sends them to Prehistoric days.
    • The Cat's Tale
      The Cat's Tale
      Episode 65
      A cat is seen running away from mice. In his hideout, he tells us why he's afraid of mice. His story tells of a foundling left on the doorstep of two mice who proceed to raise him and discover he not only has tremendous powers and can fly but has an appetite to boot. He grows up to become Mighty Mouse, defender of mice everywhere and face the challenge of a giant cat.moreless
    • A Swiss Miss
      A Swiss Miss
      Episode 64
      At the Swiss Alps, Oil Can Harry ties Pearl to him as he scales a mountainwhile Mighty Mouse in in pursuit and nearly winds up at the receiving end of a gun that puts holes in Swiss cheese.
    • Injun Trouble
      Injun Trouble
      Episode 64
      Colonel Pureheart is out west to stake a gold claim until he is ambushed by Indian cats and tied to a steak (that's right--a huge, T-bone steak). Mighty Mouse comes to the rescue.
    • Goons From The Moon
      A scientist at Terrytown observatory spots an alien planet heading towards Earth. The planet disengages alien cats who capture the mice using bubble guns. It's up to Mighty Mouse to stem the tide, once the animator finishes drawing him.
    • Sunny Italy
      Sunny Italy
      Episode 62
      At the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pearl Pureheart is dangling by one foot in a string of spaghetti while Harry tries to tip the Tower over with a car jack. Meanwhile Mighty Mouse is fighting lions at the Coliseum. Harry then takes Pearl to Venice, chains her to a gondola and makes her sing for money. As Mighty Mouse arrives to take up the fight, Mount Vesuvius starts to erupt.moreless
    • Mother Goose's Birthday Party
      Every storybook character is invited to Mother Goose' birthday ball--everyone except the big bad wolf., who crashes the party and gets even for not being invited.
    • Beauty On The Beach
      Mighty Mouse and Oil Can Harry battle in a rollercoaster car as Pearl is tied to the tracks. Mighty Mouse rescues her but in the funhouse he is ambushed by Harry and placed in a rapidly spinning ride while Harry takes Pearl to his ship.
    • Law And Order
      Law And Order
      Episode 59
      The Eddie G. Robinson cat orders his crew to off Mighty Mouse after a screening of cartoons in which our hero beats up on cats. Mighty Mouse is ambushed in his dressing room and dumped into the ocean while the cats have a field day with the mice.
    • Anti-Cats
      Episode 58
      A group of mice out in the snow seek shelter in a home but are unceremoniously kicked out by the cat. Mighty Mouse sees this and assumes his Mysterious Stranger disguise as he turns the tables in slapstick manner on the cat.
    • The Perils Of Pearl Pureheart
      As this story is presumably picked up, Oil Can Harry dangles Pearl Pureheart over a den of lions, who express more of an interest in putting the bite on Harry. The villain takes Pearl and hypnotizes her into singing for money on a saloon stage.
    • Stop, Look And Listen
      In her penthouse abode, Pearl pines for her father, Col. Pureheart, who is drilling for oil. Oil Can Harry makes yet another attempt to catch Pearl, while Mighty Mouse is about to become lunch to a gaggle of desert vultures (how one mouse will satisfy the appetites of all those birds is an enigma).moreless
    • The Catnip Gang
      The Catnip Gang
      Episode 55
      Another police report about a trio of cats, led by their muscle, Pinhead Schlobotka.
    • A Cold Romance
      A Cold Romance
      Episode 55
      Pearl is in the Arctic, trading fish to seals for their fur so she can make fur coats. But Oil Can Harry trails her in another bid to woo her.
    • Racket Buster
      Racket Buster
      Episode 54
      The chief of police in charge of mouse protection relays a radio broadcast of how a gang of cats lure mice into a trap and make them into mousesicles which are sold to cats. The police's job is made a lot easier thanks to Mighty Mouse.
    • The Magic Slipper
      The Magic Slipper
      Episode 53
      A retelling of the Cinderella story, with a wolf attempting to crash the ball and run off with Cinderella. The prince takes it on the double and sends a call to Mighty Mouse.
    • Triple Trouble
      Triple Trouble
      Episode 52
      As the story opens, Mighty Mouse is tied to a bull's tail and Pearl Pureheart is tied to the bull's horns as Oil Can Harry mans a train roundhouse and sends trains in pursuit of the hero and heroine.
    • The Mysterious Stranger
      Pearl Pureheart is the main attraction at the circus, as Oil Can Harry's attempts to capture her are thwarted time and again by a mysterious stranger. The stranger reveals to be Mighty Mouse, as Harry takes off with Pearl in a hot air balloon.
    • Love's Labor Won
      Love's Labor Won
      Episode 50
      "In our last episode," Mighty Mouse is tied in front of a cannon, while Oil Can Harry makes attempts to marry Pearl Pureheart. The chase leads to a train.
    • The Witch's Cat
      The Witch's Cat
      Episode 49
      All the mice are throwing a gala Halloween party, but nearby a witch schemes to catch the mice to feed her cat. Mighty Mouse arrives to save the day but is nearly done in by the witch's poison.
    • The Feuding Hillbillies
      Coming soon.
    • Mighty Mouse And The Magician
      A little mouse magician put on a show for his buddies when a cat gets hold of his magic wand and uses it to capture the mice.
    • The Lazy Little Beaver
      "Busy as a beaver" doesn't apply to one little beaver who runs away from the troop after getting spanked. He is pursued and captured by wolves who scheme to remove his pelt for money. Mighty Mouse arrives to set things right.
    • Swiss Cheese Family Robinson
      While Mighty Mouse vacations in Miami Beach, a shipwrecked mouse family aboard a raft of cheese is beached on a tropical island populated by jungle native cats. The family is subdued and made ready for dinner. Meanwhile, the S.O.S. message in a bottle thrown by the family reaches Mighty Mouse, who interrupts his vacation to save the family.moreless
    • A Fight To The Finish
      In the first of the Mighty Mouse/Pearl Purheart/Oil Can Harry stories, introduced as if it were continuing from a previous cartoon, Harry overcomes Mighty Mouse with DDT and ties him to a railroad track with explosives planted about him. Meanwhile, Harry takes Pearl and makes attempts to woo her.
    • The First Snow
      The First Snow
      Episode 43
      Little bunnies are excited that it's snowing so they go out and play in it. A mother rabbit is walking her kittens in a stroller when they are stolen by some wolves. Mighty Mouse comes to the rescue, but the carriage with the little bunnies falls off a cliff and a snowball--with the wolves inside, clobbered into it by Mighty Mouse--is plummeting above them.moreless
    • A Date For Dinner
      A Date For Dinner
      Episode 43
      A cat catches a mouse, who implores the cat to release him and he'll bring an even bigger mouse for the cat and his dinner pal. The little mouse is true to his word and brings a tureen-covered tray to the cats. Inside: who else--Mighty Mouse!
    • Mighty Mouse Meets Deadeye Dick
      Mighty Mouse appears as a mysterious stranger in a western town that is being terrorized by Deadeye Dick. After Mighty Mouse gives him the works, Dick summons his gang to settle the score, when a voluptuous girl mouse (Mighty Mouse in drag) lures them away.
    • The Hep Cat
      The Hep Cat
      Episode 41
      A "Pied Piper" send-up with a cat mesmorizing the mice into a dinner pot by means of a clarinet and some hot jazz.
    • The Sky Is Falling
      The Sky Is Falling
      Episode 39
      A wolf tosses a boot over a fence in anger after failing to catch a goose for dinner. The boot hits the goose on the head, making him think the sky is falling. He alters the other animals and together they are tricked into a cave think the king is there to help them. The wolves plan a dinner with the animals, until Mighty Mouse arrives to change the dinner plans.moreless
    • Aladdin's Lamp
      Aladdin's Lamp
      Episode 38
      The daughter of a mouse sultan pines for Mighty Mouse but realizes she cannot have him. An evil cat obtains Aladdin's Lamp from the sultan and tricks the girl into believing she has a rendezvous with Mighty Mouse.
    • Deadend Cats
      Deadend Cats
      Episode 38
      A gang of cats, led by an Edward G. Robinson-type of anthropomorphized cat, disposes of Mighty Mouse so the cats can run the gamut of mice. One of the mice is a girl mouse that the boss takes a shining to. Can Mighty Mouse return in time?
    • Crying Wolf
      Crying Wolf
      Episode 37
      The black sheep of a flock (tended to by Heckle & Jeckle co-star Dimwit) continuously issues false alarms in regards to a wolf. But when he's actually captured by the wolves and prepped for dinner and his brethren ignore him till they find out the truth, the lambs send out a prayer to Mighty Mouse for the black sheep's salvation.moreless
    • The Crackpot King
      The Crackpot King
      Episode 36
      A screwball king commands to wed, so his Merlin-like magician conjures up a means to capture a girl mouse from the village and prepare her for the wedding.
    • The Jail Break
      The Jail Break
      Episode 35
      Bad Bill Bunyon escapes from Alcatraz Prison, thanks to his horse, where he continues his reign of terror--even to the point of stealing the football in the Army-Navy game! It's up to Mighty Mouse to pull in Bad Bill's reins.
    • The Electronic Mouse Trap
      A group of evil cats creates a mechanical means of catching mice--a dragon-like creature that stuns the mice with an electrical ray.
    • Winning The West
      Winning The West
      Episode 34

      A wagon train crossing the plains is attacked by Indians and Mighty Mouse arrives to help the settlers defend themselves.

    • The Trojan Horse
      The Trojan Horse
      Episode 33
      The Greek myth, told by mice whose fortress is infiltrated by cats by means of a Trojan Horse. The mice send out prayers for their salvation, and they are answered by Mighty Mouse.
    • The Johnstown Flood
      A cartoon re-telling of the event, with an old mouse being able to tell the weather by a bunion on his big toe. When the bunion goes berserk, the mouse alerts the township of an impending flood, caused when the Johnstown Dam bursts. Mighty Mouse physically controls the weather and the gushing water to save the city.moreless
    • Throwing The Bull
      Throwing The Bull
      Episode 31

      One bull is taking out every matador that faces him. Once all are gone Mighty Mouse is summoned to finish off the bull.

    • My Old Kentucky Home
      Mighty Mouse comes to the rescue to help a young jockey win a horse race and keep a wolf from foreclosing on the mansion of the jockey's girlfriend and her father.
    • The Wicked Wolf
      The Wicked Wolf
      Episode 28

      Mighty Mouse saves Goldilocks and the three bears from the villainous wolf.

    • Svengali's Cat
      Svengali's Cat
      Episode 27

      A cat uses hypnotism on a female mouse and has her sing to attract crowds which he and his partners soon trap. Mighty Mouse hears the commotion and responds to the pleas from the mice.

    • Mighty Mouse in Krakatoa
      Mouse babe Krakatoa Katie wows the natives with her dance, but suddenly the volcano Krakatoa is starting to erupt and threaten the populace.
    • The Lion And The Mouse
      The Aesop fable with the mouse in question--an inebriated one at that--becoming Super Mouse when the lion falls afoul of hunters.
    • Down With Cats
      Down With Cats
      Episode 23

      Mighty Mouse saves the day when cats interrupt a pleasant day of ice skating on a frozen pond.

    • Super Mouse Rides Again (aka Mighty Mouse Rides Again)

      Mighty Mouse visits some farming mice and shows off his powers. As soon as he leaves cats come in and start terrorizing the mice. When he hears the ruckus he returns and teaches the cats a lesson.

    • Pandora's Box
      Pandora's Box
      Episode 21
      The fable where Pandora opens a box of demons with a girl mouse as Pandora, a cat as the demon, and Pandora's boyfriend becoming Supermouse to save the day.
    • He Dood It Again
      He Dood It Again
      Episode 20

      The mice attract the attention of cats when they party loudly in a closed diner.

    • Frankenstein's Cat
      Frankenstein's Cat
      Episode 19
      A feline Dr. Frankenstein brings his monstrous cat to life, and the monster pursues and ingests an innocent little bird. Super Mouse (aka Mighty Mouse in later dubbed editions) is summoned.
    • The Mouse Of Tomorrow
      The very first Mighty Mouse cartoon, in which he was briefly known as Super Mouse. As noted, cats are terrorizing all the mice until one small black mouse winds up in a supermarket, eats all the superfood and becomes a caped champion of his fellow mice.
    • Mighty Mouse Meets Bad Bill Bunion
      While going over papers in his tower office, Mighty Mouse receives a call for help. Bad Bill Bunion has escaped from prison and has kidnapped a beautiful saloon girl. Within minutes our hero flies to the west and saves the day.
    • Gypsy Life
      Gypsy Life
      Episode 16
      A Gypsy caravan travels across the countryside. One night, as the Gypsy princess performs a dance, a bat-cat spies on the camp, flies back to his cave, and informs his colony. The bat-cats ivade the camp and capture the Gypsies. Mighty Mouse saves the day and wins the Princess' heart.
    • Mighty Mouse and the Wolf

      The wolf is on the prowl in storybook land and Mighty Mouse prevents him from claiming any victims.

    • The Silver Streak
      The Silver Streak
      Episode 14

      A dog which has been guarding a houseful of mice from the cats is captured and placed on the railroad tracks with a train approaching.

    • The Kilkenny Cats
      The Kilkenny Cats
      Episode 13
      The mice are being ravaged by a vicious gang of cats. The mice create assembled military units to take on the cats. Mighty Mouse does his part, too!
    • Raiding the Raiders
      A colony of rabbits (and their newborns) is terrorized by a wake of vultures. Wait 'til Mighty Mouse hears about this!
    • Port of Missing Mice
      Shanghai Pete and his crew of pirate cats sail into San Francisco to kidnap sailors at the port for their crew. The mice sailors are unable to stop the assault from the buccaneers until a call is placed to Mighty Mouse at his headquarters at Telegraph Hill. The little superhero flies down and routs the villains.moreless
    • Mighty Mouse And The Pirates
      A pirate cat has his eyes set on a beautiful island mouse princess. He and his fellow pirates kidnap the beautiful girl. The natives call to Mighty Mouse for help. He flies to the pirate ship, fights buccaneers and saves the young beauty. He returns her to her people, to their thunderous applause.moreless
    • Mighty Mouse At The Circus
      Mighty Mouse must save the day at the local circus.
    • Sultan's Birthday
      A Mideast sultan has a birthday surprise in the form of a vicious gun and bomb attack by cats on flying carpets.
    • Mighty Mouse And The Two Barbers
      The town of Terrytoon happily supports two barber shops, one for mice and one for people. All is cheerful until the appearance of a very hungry cat! Mighty Mouse bounds to the rescue.
    • The Green Line
      The Green Line
      Episode 6
      An evil spirit creates chaos between cats and mice in the town of Nowhere.
    • Wolf! Wolf!
      Wolf! Wolf!
      Episode 5
      A flock of cute little lambs are playing in a meadow when a gang of shifty wolves decides to grab one for dinner. One of the wolves attempts many different ways to coax a sheep to the wolves' den (a house where the other drunken wolves are passed out on the lawn from the discarded moonshine bottles). He disguises himself as a buxom Little Bo Peep with the help of strategically placed barbells (the other wolves let out wolf whistles). The Bo Peep wolf plays a flute in order to lure a lamb into the clutches of his buddies (who provide jazz accompaniment). When that fails, the Bo Peep wolf plays a screaming hot trumpet and lures the lamb successfully. The lamb goes into the pot, but Mighty Mouse (in his treetop penthouse) hears a bleat. He smells trouble and comes to the rescue, throwing lightning bolts and wrecking the wolves' den. Mighty Mouse rescues the lamb, causing the wolves to end up in a wacky riot.moreless
    • Eliza On The Ice
      Eliza On The Ice
      Episode 4
      Eliza and her baby go to the starting line with the infamous Simon Legree and his snowdogs. Uncle Tom then appears as the "race" starter. During the course of the "race," Legree chases Eliza through a winter wonderland of ice and snow. Eventually, Mighty Mouse is summoned by Little Eva and comes to "save the day," rescuing Eliza.moreless
    • Mighty Mouse Meets Jekyll And Hyde Cat
      A group of mice try to find shelter during a storm, ending up in the home of mad scientist Dr. Henry Jekyll. His cat is the only resident of the house. Unable to catch the mice, the cat enters Dr. Jekyll's lab and drinks his master's formula for creating monsters. The mice are helpless against the monster until Mighty Mouse flies down and clobbers the Mr. Hyde-like cat. After his severe beating, Mighty Mouse knocks the cat back into Dr. Jekyll's lab, where the cat knocks over lab equipment, spills flammable chemicals and destroys the lab.moreless
    • The Champion Of Justice
      An elderly couple dies, leaves their substantial estate to their mice, who had befriended them. A distant nephew is outraged, and he takes the mice to court in an effort to destroy them! Can Mighty Mouse save them in time?
    • The Wreck Of The Hesperus
      An old sea captain takes his young daughter along on a voyage. The sea gets rough, but the captain thinks that he can make his way. When the hurricane hits the Hesperus, the skipper faces shoals and shipwreck. As the captain lashes his daughter to the mast, the sharks and octopuses set the table for a meal. The mouse crew is helpless. The mice use doughnuts as life preservers. One member of the crew sends for Mighty Mouse. Mighty hears an SOS, dashes to the rescue and shoos off the sharks. He tows the ship to New York and, in the finale, rides up Broadway in a shower of tickertape.moreless