Mighty Orbots

Season 1 Episode 5

Devil's Asteroid

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Oct 06, 1984 on ABC

Episode Recap

Mighty Orbots is seen attacking various targets throughout the galaxy. Rob knows that this must be an impostor, since the real Orbots would never do this and besides, they're on vacation. But when the impostor, which is actually a Shadow creation named Tobor, attacks their vacation spot, Mighty Orbots fights back. To everyone's surprise, Mighty Orbots is unable to defeat Tobot, who manages to escape. Unfortunately, Dia has arrived with warrants for the Orbots arrests. Although Dia and Rondu know the Orbots are innocent, they are sentenced to imprisonment on Devil's Asteroid, especially after Rob himself admits that they're guilty of the crimes.

It turned out that Rob and Rondu knew that Shadow had their hands in Devil's Asteroid, and this was their plan to get the Orbots inside. The Orbots, meanwhile, are put to slave labor. Tor is made to carry around huge objects. Bort is transformed into a mechanism on one of their huge machines. Crunch is force-fed and attached to a generator. Bo is made to wash millions of dishes. And Boo's job is to be the gardener in a garden made up of giant, voracious plants.

While Rob manages to break the Orbots out of prison, Dia also sneaks in and steals Tobor. Mighty Orbots and Tobot battle, and Mighty Orbots is triumphant. Even more importantly, the impostor has been exposed and the Orbots are cleared of all crimes.
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