Mighty Orbots

ABC (ended 1984)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Magnetic Menace
      Magnetic Menace
      Episode 1
      Two musicians working for Umbra use their music to summon a Magnetic Monster on Earth. The Orbots must unite to stop it before it destroys the planet.
    • The Wish World
      The Wish World
      Episode 2
      Ohno begins to doubt her worth because she's "just an Orbot." Shadow agent Plasmus turns her into a human at her request, but when Mighty Orbots is needed on a rescue mission, Ohno finds she can't change back and as a result, can't activate Mighty Orbots!
    • Trapped on the Prehistoric Planet
      Deciding that Mighty Orbots is too powerful for his agents to defeat, Umbra has his agent Mentalis, who has the power to control minds, lure them to the planet Evilon with a stolen defense satellite. There, its prehistoric monsters will surely destroy the robot heroes. Meanwhile, a giant meteor is flying toward Earth, which will be devastated with both the defense satellite and Mighty Orbots unable to stop it!moreless
    • The Dremloks
      The Dremloks
      Episode 4
      Umbra sends robots to hypnotize a race of koala-like aliens into mining a powerful ore for him. Things look bad when they hypnotize the Orbots into helping them.
    • Devil's Asteroid
      Devil's Asteroid
      Episode 5
      Umbra creates Tobor, a giant robot that looks like Mighty Orbots, and has it run amok. Soon the Orbots are sentenced to Devil's Asteroid, the Alcatraz of space, for Tobor's crimes.
    • Raid on the Stellar Queen
      Rondu and Dia leave for a summit meeting onboard the Stellar Queen, which is taken over by space pirates. Mighty Orbots speeds to the rescue, but the pirates of misused the Stellar Queen's anti matter engine, and soon it'll explode and wipe out the entire sector!
    • The Jewel of Targon
      Bo finds what she thinks is a giant jewel on the planet Targon. But when they bring it back to earth, a giant dragon-like monster hatches from it.
    • The Phoenix Factor
      Umbra reactivates Dr. Phoenix, a cyborg who created a virus that makes machines run wild. Out for revenge against the human race, Phoenix agrees to spread his virus on Earth, only to inadvertenty affect Ohno.
    • Leviathan
      Episode 9
      A giant sea monster called Leviathan is on the attack on the planet Rylos. Mighty Orbots is on the case, but what does Shadow have to do with all this?
    • The Cosmic Circus
      The Cosmic Circus
      Episode 10
      The Cosmic Circus is coming to town, and the Orbots can't wait. But what is the ulterior motive of the Ringleader, and what is his connection to Shadow? Will Mighty Orbots be able to stop Umbra's latest scheme for galactic domination?
    • A Tale of Two Thieves
      The Orbots are transporting a dangerous substance called Protean which, unfortunately, gets stolen by a couple of thieves. Even worse, Shadow wants the stuff as well, and sends their agent, Belladonna, after it. Will the Orbots retrieve it, or will it fall into the hands of Shadow?
    • Operation Eclipse
      Operation Eclipse
      Episode 12
      The Orbots accompany a convoy of Galactic Council members, and unfortunately everyone is betrayed by a former friend of Rondu's, Drennan. Thanks to him the Council falls into the hands of Shadow and it's up to the Orbots, who can't seem to join into their combined form, to save the day.moreless
    • The Invasion of the Shadow Star
      Shadow scientist Werag invents a weapon that destroy an entire solar system and gives the Galactic Patrol a short time surrender. Meanwhile, fearing that they're about to be replaced, the Orbots decide to prove their worth by teleporting to the Shadow Star and saving the world, but find it more heavily guarded than they thought. Rob follows, but is captured. Can Shadow be stopped in time?moreless