Mike & Molly

Season 4 Episode 4

Careful What You Dig For

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 2013 on CBS

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  • Get a grip!

    Yeah, the story of why Molly wasn't pregnant wasn't explained perfectly and the credits may have changed. Big deal. The comedy is still there. This episode was full of laughs. Mike's and Molly's lives were becoming too perfect, the writers were bound to makes things inevitably repetitive. I think the direction the writers are taking is risky, yet interesting. I was a bit baffled at first when I saw the season 4 premier. I gave it a chance I'm glad I did. A show like this needs conflict to keep the comedy flowing. A perfect life where everything falls into place doesn't not create comedy, it dampens it. So relax, and give season 4 a chance.