Mike & Molly

Season 2 Episode 7

Carl Meets a Lady

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 07, 2011 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Carl attempts to get a date with an attractive woman he met at the diner.

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      • Mike: (about Joyce and Victoria) It's like talking to a bottle of wine and a bong.

      • Carl: Do you think I'm ever gonna find a nice girl, you know - somebody I could really settle with?
        Grandma: You could if you tried, but you can't shake the whore tree and expect an angel to fall out.

      • Victoria: How way your day?
        Mike: Don't ask. Carl was a bigger pain in the ass than usual today. He's like a hemmoroid with a badge.

      • Mike: Tell me Carl, you ever feel like maybe you're wasting your naturally loving nature on - shall we say, skanks?
        Carl: Oh, I see. Just because a woman takes money to shake her naked butt in your face, that makes her a skank.
        Mike: Well, it is one of the warning signs.

      • Mike: I don't think Carl is really looking for anything serious right now. He's still kind of sowing his wild oats.
        Grandma: Well, if he keeps carryin' on the way he is, I'm gonna be sewing him into his bedsheets and beating him with a bag of oranges.

      • Carl: I'll stop using your face cream when you stop ruining my good razor on them wiery ass chin whiskers.
        Grandma: What did I tell you about mentioning my chin whiskers in front of company? (turns to Mike) It's really just the one - but I ain't goin' to lie - you could tow a boat with that thing.
        Mike: Your secret's safe with me.
        Grandma: (changing the subject) Michael, can I ask you something?
        Mike: No, I can not see it from here.

      • Grandma: Carlton, Michael's up front, you're gonna be late for work again.
        Carl: Poke your head out the door and tell him I'll be in a minute.
        Grandma: If I poke anything anywhere it's going to be my house slipper up your behind. Tomorrow I'm waking that boy up with kerosene and a box of matches.

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      • Carl says Samuel looked like an "African Urkel" while trying to win over Christina. This is a reference to Steven Urkel, a geeky character from ABC's sitcom Family Matters.