Mike & Molly

Season 2 Episode 2

Dennis's Birthday

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Oct 03, 2011 on CBS
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Peggy gets a huge surprise while celebrating the birthday of her boyfriend Dennis.

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      • (Molly hears that Dennis is dead on the night he and Peggy were gonna have sex)
        Molly: (to Peggy in horror) What did you do to him Peggy Biggs!?

      • (Dennis offers to walk the dog)
        Peggy: Mikey, why don't you go with him? Don't make the birthday boy pick up a hot tootsie roll.

      • Joyce: (hearing Mike will be living with them) I got to say, I'm a little nervous about having a gun in the house.
        Molly: Don't worry, I promise he'll keep it locked up safe.
        Joyce: Good. Because, you know how I get when I drink. (gets emotional) And... it would tear me apart, if anything happened to you girls.

      • Carl: Looks like somebody was dragging something down the stairs.
        Mike: Probably the dog - he's got itchy anal glans. This carpet is really just his personal wall-to-wall ass scratcher.

      • Peggy: This book hasn't seen a bookmark for 30 years. And I'm a little nervous about cracking it open.
        Molly: Wow, 30 years. That could very well crack.
        Peggy: I'm just so damn nervous - you'd think it was my first time. I mean, look at me - I'm shaking like a 14-year-old virgin?
        Molly: 14?!
        Peggy: I grew up on a farm, we were poor, we had to make our own farm.
        Molly: Still, put the banjo down eventually.

      • Dennis: Oh what could I possibly want that I don't already have?
        Peggy: I'd request a little hearing back in your right ear - I'm tired of having to throw my slipper at you to get your attention.

      • Samuel: With her sister and mother there she'll always have two women taking her side, which means the outcome of the vote is predetermined. Or as they call it in my country - democracy.
        Carl: Yeah, I understand you want to save money - but what good is money if you can't sit on the toilet with the door open?
        Samuel: Or drink milk right out of the cow?
        Carl: You mean carton.
        Samuel: You Americans are so spoiled.

      • Mike: Why don't you sublet it? That way you can move out of your grandmother's house?
        Carl: Oh I can't do that! Cooking and cleaning for me is what keeps that old woman vital.
        Mike: And the yard work?
        Carl: When did this become about me?

      • Victoria: Why does this frosting taste funny?
        Molly: There's no pot in it.

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