Mike & Molly

Season 3 Episode 11

Fish for Breakfast

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jan 14, 2013 on CBS



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    • Mike: (to Carl) Well, you can't stay at our house.
      Carl: Well, fine. I got plenty of places I can go. (to Samuel) Hey, Samuel, my man.
      Samuel: I live in an efficiency apartment with five roommates. Three of us share a pull-out couch, two sleep on a yoga mat and one sleeps in the bathtub.
      Carl: So under the kitchen table is up for grabs?
      Samuel: If we had a kitchen table, we could bring in another renter.
      Carl: (to Mike) Damn, that man needs to get his own place.

    • Carl: It's dangerous, you living alone. Like that time you got heat exhaustion mowing the lawn.
      Grandma: Told you I was fine.
      Carl: You were fine because I was there to spray you down with the garden hose.
      Grandma: I was napping, fool. I woke up thinking I was back in Selma getting fire-hosed by the police.

    • Mike: What are you watching?
      Vince: Food Network. This must be like porn for you.

    • Joyce: Oh, I do love my glass of wine at the end of the day. It's almost as good as the one at the beginning of the day.

    • Grandma: I got woken up at 4:00 in the a.m. by some drunk Russian girl thinking my bedroom was the commode.
      Mike: Ah, Carl brought home another one, huh?
      Grandma: Each one nastier than the last. The boy always did pick low-hanging fruit, but this one was a road apple.
      Mike: Yeah, I get his morning-after recap every day, whether I want it or not.
      Grandma: Since Christina broke up with him, the boy don't care where he sticks his business. I'm afraid to keep Swiss cheese in the house.
      Mike: I'm sure he'll slow down eventually. But I wouldn't be serving him any onion rings either.
      Grandma: The boy is working my last nerve. This Ruskie jezebel left cigarette butts in my toilet, and drank all my cognac. Damn Commies think everything belongs to everybody.

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