Mike & Molly

Season 2 Episode 14

Joyce's Choices

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Feb 06, 2012 on CBS
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Joyce's decision to have dinner with an ex-boyfriend doesn't sit well with Vince.

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    • Victoria: Being engaged to one guy and sleeping with another guy doesn't make you a terrible person - it just makes you a slutty person.
      Joyce: What are you talking about? I- I didn't sleep with Richard. He wanted me to, but I told him I was engaged.
      Molly: So, wait, nothing happened?
      Joyce: I kissed him, okay?!
      Victoria: (shocked) On the winky?
      Joyce: What? No! Not on the winky! What kind of a woman you think your mother is?
      Victoria: Well, sorry, I just assumed it was hereditary.

    • Joyce: Well, you know how nasty I get when I drink rum. I'm like a pirate that way.
      Molly: Except louder, meaner, and no parrot.

    • Molly: Wow. What's up with her [Joyce]?
      Victoria: Hard to say. Having dinner with an old boyfriend can be very emotional. Especially when they slide an STD pamphlet across the table.

    • Mike: She [Molly] wants to go to Paris and I don't.
      Vince: What do you got against Paris? It's beautiful, plus if you can stomach pit hair and chicks, you can see big boobs on TV.
      Mike: (sarcastically) You should be a travel agent.

    • Vince: (about Joyce) She expects me to believe that some old boyfriend calls her up out of the blue and just want to take her to dinner? Who the hell does that?
      Molly: Well, Vince, human behavior has changed a lot since you slithered out of the ocean and lost your tail.

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