Mike & Molly

Season 3 Episode 10

Karaoke Christmas

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 2012 on CBS



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    • Peggy: (to Molly) I'm trying to be sweet to you at Christmas. Don't make it any harder than it is.

    • Victoria: Hey, Jerry.
      Harry: You can call me Larry.

    • Vince: What would you think if I grow a mustache or a soul patch?
      Joyce: Ooh, or maybe mutton chops.
      Molly: Or you could just comb your back hair over your whole face and hang beads from it.

    • Victoria: Hey, Mol. Hi, Larry.
      Harry: Actually, I'm Harry.
      Victoria: Whoa, I don't need to know your life story, dude. Wax it if it's getting bushy.

    • Molly: All right, I got Vince a bottle of that bug spray he calls cologne and Mom a set of crystal wine glasses.
      Mike: I don't know why you blow money on expensive wine glasses; I've seen her drink Chardonnay out of a cereal bowl.
      Molly: I've seen her suck it off a blouse she spilled it on, but those glasses are more for guests.

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