Mike & Molly

Season 3 Episode 20

Mike Can't Read

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Apr 29, 2013 on CBS



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    • Molly: Mom, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in class?
      Joyce: Eh, I had to get out of there. The professor had a ponytail and open-toed shoes. The only thing missing was a sign on his forehead that said "douche."

    • Mike: Look, there are plenty of other guys out there that are smarter and better-looking than both of us.
      Vince: I already got the belt loop around my neck. Go ahead, kick out the chair.
      Mike: Look, the point being, for whatever reason, these smart, beautiful women chose us. And that begs the question... are they really that smart?

    • Vince: You know what those college campuses are like: Reefer-filled coffeehouses, beatniks and free love.
      Mike: Well, I'm hoping President Eisenhower cleans up the whole mess.

    • Mike: Hey, I still have my trombone from high school and I always wanted to form my own Dixieland band.
      Carl: Well, to that idea, may I just say, "No, Susanna."

    • Molly: I found a bunch of my mom's old sketch pads.
      Mike: Wow, I thought her only talent was opening a bottle of wine with a chopstick and a pair of pliers.
      Molly: Well... she could do lots of stuff. As you know, she can put her ankles behind her head.
      Mike: Yeah, she showed me the second time I met her. I kept saying, "I believe you, I believe you," but she already had her shoes off.
      Molly: Yeah, I remember. That's why we can't go back to that Olive Garden.

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