Mike & Molly

Season 2 Episode 19

Molly Can't Lie

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Apr 09, 2012 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Molly and Mike are left without a wedding chapel when Molly's attitude doesn't sit well with the priest.

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      • Grandma: Well, if you need a church, the First Baptists is always happy to open its doors to a young couple.
        Mike: Really?
        Grandma: As long as your check clears and you keep your drinking to the parking lot.
        Mike: No problem; Molly's mom can drink anywhere.

      • Grandma: (about Carl) Michael, please tell me you're not trusting the delicate machinations of your relationship to this talking monkey.

      • Vince: (responding to Joyce's comment on the bible being full of fibs) Yeah, I mean, a guy gets swallowed by a whale and lives to tell about it - I don't think so.
        Joyce: Vin, you're confusing the bible with Pinokio again.
        Vince: Which one had the talking cricket?

      • Father Justin: (to Mike and Molly) There's no need to pretend that you don't have an intimate relationship. I may be a man of the cloth, but I also have internet access and Cinemax.

      • Mike: My stomach is in knots. Last time I had to sit down with Father Tim, I was twelve and he told me I'd spend eternity in hell.
        Peggy: Well, that's what you get for cutting cheese in the confessional booth - turned Lord's place of sacred absolution into a dutch up.
        Molly: I'd like to believe over the years he'd forgotten about it, but I've been in car with you.
        Peggy: Just remember, he's old school Catholic, which means he's up by 6 and drunk by noon.
        Mike: Right now he's either singing Danny's Boy or taking a swing at a nun.
        Molly: Well, that's certainly not what Jesus would do.
        Peggy: They didn't have nuns back then.

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      • Peggy: ... and watch that show about the two girls and a horse.

        Referencing CBS' other sitcom that airs an hour earlier, 2 Broke Girls. The show is based around the lives of two girls that live together; and the horse was only a part of the show in the early parts of the show's first season.