Mike & Molly

Season 2 Episode 10

Molly Needs a Number

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Dec 05, 2011 on CBS



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    • Mike: Carl, I'm so sorry, I feel awful.
      Carl: Ah, it was certainly negligent on your part, but on the plus side I've scored some bonus points just by holding her hand and telling her she looks beautiful to me.
      Molly: Sweet.
      Carl: Tell me about it. The woman looked like Apollo Creed at the end of Rocky 2.

    • Christina: Every Saturday I'd make my brother pretend to marry me in the backyard. My dad tells everybody that's why he's gay now.

    • (Molly is upset when Mike suggests they elope instead of planning a wedding)
      : Excuse me, I'm gonna go check on the salmon.
      Carl: She must be going to the lake.

    • Mike: I always liked Uncle Ferrel.
      Peggy: That's because you never had to slow dance with that S.O.B. He turns your back from the crowd and goes at your buttcheeks like he's trying to open an oyster.
      Mike: Okay, what about their kids - Dougie and Mary Ellen?
      Peggy: You mean Druggie and Butch? He'll be high as a kite and she'll be in the mens' room trying to straddle a urinal.

    • Carl: You're marrying a schoolteacher and I'm dating a doctor.
      Mike: Not bad for a chubby guy and a pervert.
      Carl: (smiling) Right?!

    • Molly: Victoria, we are not inviting your pot dealer to my wedding.
      Victoria: Well, it's gonna be awkward if I don't ask him 'cuz I see him like every other day.
      Joyce: He can come to the reception though, right? We definitely want him at the reception.
      Victoria: I mean, why should it just be the happiest day of your life?

    • Samuel: (to Mike about Carl) You spend the whole day with him carrying a loaded gun. I have a newfound respect for you.

    • Carl: Now I understand why there's so many songs written about love. It truly is all you need and what makes the world go round.
      Mike: Yeah, I know Carl, I have a radio too.
      Carl: But have you really listened to those songs? For me it's like my eyes and ears are opened for the first time.
      Mike: Well, your mouth couldn't go at it alone forever.

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