Mike & Molly

Season 4 Episode 1

Molly Unleashed

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2013 on CBS

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  • I kept saying "Is this Mike & Molly"???

    Bad Bad Bad, new intro bad. CHUCK!!!! What happened???
  • Oh so Disappointing!

    Firstly The new theme song sounds awful but that is not why I'm disappointed.

    Have the writers changed? it's just not right. The first episode was all over the place and very confusing.

    Secondly - Mike & Molly trying to have a baby was the whole centre of Season 3 It really was a beautiful last episode and announcement. Everyone that watches was very much looking forward to Season 4 and the excitement was building!

    I Feel like we were tricked into watching and trying to work it out. There was no explanation at the start of the episode which left us everyone confused watching molly jump out windows and drink heavily and wondering wtf.

    You had to really listen closely about her not being pregnant anymore and it wasn't even explained why? did she suffer a miscarriage? or did the writers just make her not pregnant anymore? it still is not clear or make sense and the 2nd episode didn't shape up to be much better. WHY make a whole season about 1 thing (making a baby) and then not explain yourself.

    Think I will take a break from watching because I just don't feel like I want to anymore..

    just disappointing

  • WTF happen to Mike and Molly???

    It was working so fuckin well the first time... What do we have to assume its a new show now??? Jokes are not even as funny as the earlier progression.

    It's no wonder Lorre's Big Bang Theory's still stuck in the water!!!
  • awesome freakin episode

    If you all watched she told mike in the kitchen she lost the baby. Anyway I thought it was awesome. I will get used to the new theme song.
  • WTF!?

    What the hell happened? They just decided to ignore the season finale and the pregnancy? They also changed lots of elements from the show, I had to even look up if it was a new producer, director or something!!

    The show was nice, and even if it wasn't I don't think this would be the best way to improve the story line. The weirder Season Premiere ever!!!!
  • Jumped the Shark

    So are they going to pretend we don't remember Molly telling Mike she was pregnant? I used to love this show and I don't know why they messed with it. It was fine before, there was nothing wrong. I don't understand. I know I'm not the only person angry about this...
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