Mike & Molly

Season 3 Episode 19

Party Planners

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2013 on CBS



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    • Mike: I appreciate you not killing her [Peggy].
      Molly: Well, how could I? I couldn't get a silver bullet or a wooden stake at this time of night.

    • Molly: Okay, I was thinking for Mike's birthday extravaganza this year, that maybe we could, you know, maybe mix it up a little. Go a little classy.
      Peggy: Great, I'll pluck my toe hairs.

    • Mike: You know she's never gonna change, so why not learn to be the bigger person?
      Molly: I am being the bigger person. Otherwise, she'd be in the emergency room getting my sensible shoe removed from her hateful old rump.
      Mike: Wow, you know, right there, you sound exactly like my dad?
      Molly: When we do have a baby, I'm not letting that nasty woman anywhere near it.
      Mike: Come on.
      Molly: And even if we accidentally drive by her house, we'll tell our kids, "That's where an old devil witch lives."
      Mike: That's exactly what my dad would say each time he and I came home from a ball game.

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