Mike & Molly

Season 2 Episode 8

Peggy Gets a Job

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 14, 2011 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Mike has no idea that encouraging his mother to get a job might cause drama for Molly.

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  • " So they don't end up in a bell tower with a high powered rifle and a picture of the president"

    I don't believe the statement would have been made post newtown Ct. doesn't make it any less funny I mean just an example of and the shoe fits on the comedy as well as the facts, but don't keep score at little minors games,who's fucking bright idea was that. It just stunned my sense of decency at first because of the recent tragedy, but a grim reminder of why and how our country forgets and allows the government to commit democide, by conning us into accepting what they deem socially acceptable. Sad but true. I mean very funny but where do we say, and better still who has the right to say this is ok and that is not, but when it creates a "ripple effect" that creates the potential for tragedy then who gets to say the rights of a civil and intelligent race is compromised. The human race is a free one with God given rights many are in the constitution. (the . constitution read it sometime ) I do not believe anyone has the right to impose thoughts and thinking upon a public then tax and take the entrusted prosperity from that public and squander it in a traitorous manner. well I could go on and on but thought the very relevant comment Peggy made was well relevant and funny .......................moreless

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    • Joyce: It's nice of the big guy to cook dinner for us.
      Molly: Oh, I don't know how good it'll be, but just put it in your mouth and pretend you're enjoying it.
      Victoria: Story of my life.

    • Peggy: (praying before a meal) Dear Lord, thank you for this food. May it nourish me and give me the strength to get through my day without taking a handful of pills and swan-diving in front of an L train.
      Molly: So, you seem good. Everything okay?
      Peggy: Well, we've all got our crosses to bear, but apparently the good Lord has made mine out of led and covered it in fire ants, but... whatever, his will be done.
      Molly: Ah, you have been through a lot lately - I mean with your boyfriend dying so suddenly and all..
      Peggy: Well, that's what men do - they leave. Dennis left in a bodybag, and Mike's dad left in a Chrysler Imperial with his bowling trophy and a homewrecking whore.

    • Molly: Would you like to sit down?
      Peggy: I would, but my hemorrhoids are telling me to stand.

    • Peggy: Oh, is that what this little lunch date is all about?
      Molly: What?
      Peggy: Think you can wine and dine me with the two dollar government meal and get me to spill my guts like it's "Daddy touched me" week on Dr. Phil?
      Molly: Peggy, please keep your voice down.
      Peggy: Let me tell you something: I may be old, lonely and heartbroken, cast aside by my own flesh and blood, but you'll never hear me complain about it.
      Molly: (sarcastically) Oh, no, you suffer in silence.

    • Peggy: Bit of an icy reception at the cool kid table, huh?
      Molly: Oh, only that one woman, Rebecca. We're both in line for that vice-principal's job and she's just jealous because I'm clearly the front runner. And, I'm a better teacher, and, that's not her real hair color.
      Peggy: Rug don't match the drapes, huh?
      : Women don't really have rugs anymore.

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