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Mike & Molly

Season 1 Episode 19

Peggy Shaves Her Legs

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 21, 2011 on CBS
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Episode Summary

When he learns of his mother and Molly having lunch together, Mike worries that Molly might learn more about his childhood than she should.

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      • Victoria: I was working on an 80-year-old cadaver and her grandson got his panties in a bunch because I put body glitter in her cleavage. I'm like "Dude, chill. Just because your grandma's dead doesn't mean she can't look hot."

      • Joyce: (to Peggy) Perfectly natural for you to be nervous. After Molly's dad died I waited almost three years before I went out with another man.
        Molly: Did you ever get lonely?
        Joyce: Lonely - no. Horny - yes. There's a reason you girls ate nothing but banana bread for three years. I liked working with bananas.
        Peggy: For the record - I'm not one of those people you have to open up to. Less is more in my book.
        Joyce: I'm sure your gentleman friend will be glad to hear that.

      • Molly: (to Mike about Peggy's strange behavior) I'm telling you, something smells rotten here and it is not just Jim's Bargain Chow butt bombs.

      • Molly: Do you like this man?
        Peggy: Eh, he's all right, I guess. He is a widower, which means he hangs in there until they tag and bag him - you've got to admire that.

      • Carl: But I do know you don't want your mother telling Molly about all the twisted things you did as a kid.
        Mike: I was a pretty normal kid, I didn't do anything twisted.
        Carl: A-ha. So you never cut out the mouth out of a Playboy centerfold and had your dog stick its tongue through it so it looked like the girl was talking to you?
        Mike: No. Who would do something like that?
        Carl: Doesn't matter. But trust me, women get pretty freaked out when they hear your grandma tell that story.

      • Molly: That was a wonderful dinner Mrs Biggs. Really delicious!
        Peggy: I don't cook much anymore because of my sciatica, but if giving you kids a nice hot meal means I've got to endure a sharp stabbing pain up and down my spine, then that is the price of admission.

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      • In the car Carl says "Might be a good idea to have a nice dinner ready for her tonight, just in case 'you got some 'splainin' to do!'".

        This is a reference to the 1950's show I Love Lucy. Ricky Ricardo often said "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" when he caught Lucy in one of her crazy situations.