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  • Ok, I Guess....


    This is okay.

    This is okay.

    This is okay.

    This is okay.

    This is okay.

    This is okay.

    This is okay.

    This is okay.

    This is okay.

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    This is okay.

    This is okay.

  • This is my favourite Show

    This is a great Series, I am just a little confused. In Season 3 Episode 23 Molly pronounces she's pregnant but in season 4 there is nothing about her pregnancy. What happened to that? Can anyone tell me please.
  • Fabulous show with a whole lotta heart.

    The premise for this show sounded dodgy but upon watching it, I can't think of a better way to do it. The chemistry between the 2 leads Gardel & McCarthy is brilliant and totally believable. I have welled up countless times watching this show, it fills me with hope. The physical comedy aspects also help this show. My only complaints would be Swoozie Kurtz who I believe to be the weakest of the cast and occasionaly Molly can come across a little overly whiney and naggy, but not enough to ruin the inate goodness of the character for me. I adore Victoria and do wish they made more use of her, Vince is so potty mouthed I love it and Mike's mom wins all awards hands down. Really hope this show sticks around for a bit :) WTF are people doing saying this is anything like King of Queens, seriously wtf???? King of Queens was sooooooooooooooooo very very very very bad indeed. Soz a bit unnecessary maybe but I felt I had to say something. Oh and all the Christians etc getting offended amuses me to know end, bet you guys still find it funny with the occasional black or gay slur. Not that it surprises me after all hypocricy is ALL your middle names!!
  • ???????????? question?????????????

    Im a huge fan of Mike and Molly, can someone tell me when they R returning please???? :o)
  • Gilmore Girl quote in Season 2 ep 10?

    Not a review, but watching this episode Molly says "You'd like to kill him, but you can't.

    'Cause you love I'm pretty sure this exact line was also said by Luke Danes on Gilmore Girls about Jess.
  • square dancing

    Loved the program tonight but not all square dancers are blue hairs haha, come make a epasoide with us the roadrunners in Fort worth texas

    This cast is PERFECT! No one seems like they are acting AT ALL. It's just so flawless and FUNNY. I love all of the characters. Mike's mom is a female ARCHY BUNKER and makes me love my mother-in-law sooooo much lol... What a nightmare of a mother-in-law Peggy Biggs would be. And Molly's family LMAO, that sister, mother, and Vince keep me laughing so hard my stomach hurts. I also love Carl and his grandmother and wish she could be in it more. This show goes by too fast.. It should be an hour long.
  • Awesome Show

    Lately I have been thinking that the sitcoms have died then I started watching Mike and Molly and this show is Awesome !! not since Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens have I laughed so hard. So the Sitcom is not dead. Thank god for that because I'm over reality shows. I hope it stays on for a long time. people need to relax it's a tv show
  • Mike & Molly

    Get some good writers that know what funny is. Believe me, it is not sexual innuendo, trash talk. or constant put downs.

    Enough already, Stop embarrassing yourselves and everyone that has the misfortune to hear such profane things.

    How sad that any of the cast would subject themselves to this rudeness and be such bad examples to our Nation.

    I cant submit this without a rating so I have to put a 1 but believe me - my rating of your show is ZERO.
  • About this series

    This had wonderful acting for Melissa McCarthy in season one.
  • Shame On You!

    This show stooped about as low as it can go with the 'drunken indians' line. You should seriously learn some history, and make a public apology. shame on you.
  • Tonight's episode

    I really liked watching Mike and Molly. I find something to laugh on every episode but tonight is the last night I will watch.

    I was really mad about the drunk Indians and those Comanches remark by the mother. Really, you went there. I don't care that she is supposed to represent the old crappy mother in law, it was not necessary. One statement can push back a lot of work of people who trying to fight for American Indians. Right now we are fighting for VAWA to pass with the part of Native Americans portion. I advised you to read about it. Its important.
  • The truth kinda takes the fun out

    Just a commentary on the times

    We watch the TV series Mike and Molly and love it, the series is basically about an over weight couple who are now married and living with her mother (and her boyfriend and sister) as they try to save money, buy a home and start a family. It is a very funny series, it shows their battles with weight, the problems of too many families under a single roof, and their problems with expenses and trying to save money to them being under paid as cops and teachers.

    Then came the Chicago teachers strike, the unions say they needed more and more and we learn facts, and you hear what their teachers really made

    The median income in America as of 9/12 per the Washington Post is a little over 50,000.00 per year. The problem is, a three year veteran with the Chicago PD makes right at 70,000.00 a year and a school teacher with the Chicago Public Schools makes 74,839.00 for a combined income of about 145,000.00 per year, plus health care.

    Now I do not know about you, but when you learn facts about some things it starts to take the humor out, I would love for me and my wife to make 140,000.00 and have paid health care


    Starting salary for Chicago police officers in 2012 was $43,104, increased to $61,530 after one year and an additional increase to $65,016 after 18 months. Promotions to specialized or command positions also increases an officer's base pay. Salaries were supplemented with a $2,920 annual duty availability and an $1,800 annual uniform 8]

    Pupil/teacher information


    Student/teacher ratio

    20.0 pupils per teacher in elementary schools

    24.6 pupils per teacher in high school

    Salaries (annual average)

    Teachers: $74,839

    Administrators: $120,659

  • Not what it used to be!

    I have watched this series since the beginning. I must say that the past year of episodes are really redundant. Same thing week after week, month after month, getting pregnant, etc. blah, blah, blah. If they do not change this and give us something new I (among man others ) will quit watching this show. I have a feeling that the writers have been replaced or just don't care anymore if this show succeeds.
  • A Poor Update of King of Queens

    I tried to watch one episode of Mike & Molly--I found it totally unbearable and changed the channel during the commercial break. Mike & Molly is about a zillionth as funny as King of Queens, which was more thoroughly watchable than this mess.
  • Stay real

    A third of the American public are now obese. It is nice to see some real people on TV. They shouild be represented. It is a funny show, I hope the writers don't lapse into that formula they have of making the man stupid and immature and his wife a combination of wife and mother.

    Two examples are "Everybody Loves Raymond" and "King of Queens".

    The sisters dont resemble each other but there are a lot of parents with more than one marriage that have kids with more that one parent. Like all good shows they have no weak links all cast members are good actors and funny, also likeable. Mike's mother is hard to like but she is funny. Swoozie Kurtz is hot, she is in her sixties and still looks good. This and Person of Interest are my favorite shows this year on the major networks.
  • Non stop laughing

    I am 61 and this is the funniest show I have ever seen. My ribs hurt after watching this show from my too loud laughter.
  • regarding Catholicism

    I am catholic but this is a t.v. show and i love it it's more real than those stupid reality shows they have with young 20 year olds that don't know anything and all they do is sleep with each other and get drunk . So a true fan i am . I am an over weight person who found love and you guys are so cute on this show together even god get s a good laugh once in a while too out of this . keep going laughter is what this world lacks we need more
  • mike & molly

    You sad religious freaks don't understand that comedy has no restrictions, for crying out loud, get a life.:.
  • Loved this show but will not watch any longer!

    I loved Mike and Molly, Melissa is an outstanding funny actress. Which is why I gave the show and overalll very high rating because up until tonight I loved the show. That being said I will no longer be watching. Sorry but I am done supporting anyone or anything that feels it's ok to bash Catholics or Christians. The beginning I laughed I'm not that hardcore that I can't laugh at myself or my religion and some of it's weird customs but then they really went on a tear and started to really insult Catholics,Christians and it was then I realized what they were really doing and I turned off my TV. Sorry, I'm done goodbye!
  • This show lowers itself to Catholic bashing

    Well, I won't be watching this again. Mike and Molly exhibits the last allowed prejudice, anti-Catholicism. Yet, there are religions they NEVER mock. Well, I'm tired of mine being put down so i will no longer be tuning into this show. It wasn't that great to begin with, but it was mildly amusing.
  • Mike and Molly

    Noticed tonight's episode has a strange laugh track. though I have enjoyed the show from the beginning, if it continues I won't be watching it again. Did it ever have a laugh track?

    Also, your system wouldn't let me give the show a poor rating, so I am going to give it a good rating in order to post.
  • Go ahead, thumb me down

    I honestly thought I wasn't going to be alone but looks like I am.

    This show is goosebumpingly BAD. The jokes are so FORCED, and its only jokes we've heard a hundred other times......! But the worse thing about it is, the show is largely dependent on the so-called hilarity of fat people. Just because they're fat doesn't make a show funny. Same goes to the cross-eyed black guy.

    I still cant believe this absolute trash is made by the same Chuck Lorre that made the OLD GOLD Two and a Half Men. What the HECK happened to him?


    Your show started out to be a funny but great show....now it's just like all the other dirty shows....sad,it was a great show in the beginning,but I guess without smut you don't get the rating's........
  • Hi .Hi...Hi The best comedy show !

    When i discovered the show on tv.com i said to myself "a couple of fat people nonn" but then i decided to give it a shot and i was surprised .i laugh all along the episode and the actors are really great .So if you wanna laugh until u cry go for it !
  • Phat and Phunny show.

    Whenever new shows come out and they pique my interest, I automatically record the very first show. When I saw the preview of Mike & Molly, I thought it was cute. After watching the first episode, I set all episodes to record. This show is funny without being overly fat-phobic or being down on large persons. Mike and Molly are down to earth people who happen to be plus-sized. I believe that the show is not totally about weight but the ability to put yourself out there and say, "I'm lonely, you're lonely. Let's be lonely together."
    The theme song, "I See Love" by Keb' Mo is beautiful (I sing it every single time).
  • The Best of the Chuck Lorre Franchise!

    This show is amazing. I was obsessed with this show since it was picked up last may, because I was always a HUGE fan of Melissa! Over that summer I watched the same 3 minute trailer on youtube.

    Now this show has two strong lead charters, who are extremely lovable, and just after a couple episodes you feel like you've known them for years. Most shows that revolve around two people, they fall flat because they have supporting charters that aren't up to par with the leads, and with this show Victoria, Molly's Mom, Carl's Grandma, Vince, Peggy, and Samuel, are all very key, and the show wouldn't be the same without them!

    All in all this is the best Chuck Lorre show, currently on CBS! It started strong, and stayed strong all season one. I Just hope with season 2 the ratings come back up, so this show can be around for years to come! I'm 17 years old, and I'm hoping this show is still around when I'm in a home in like 50 years!
  • Probably the funniest show to come along since Everybody Loves Raymond.

    Probably the funniest show to come along since Everybody Loves Raymond. Yes, some people are "put off" at the fat jokes (which are not continual, by the way), but this is about too heavy-set people who know they're overweight, and making jokes about it helps them to cope, just the way many overweight people I know act in real life. It's authentic! Not only are the two lead characters engaging and extremely amusing but the supporting cast excels! In many ways, this show reminds me of Dharma & Greg, where the supporting characters are quirky and off-the-wall and add a good portion of the laughs, and there are MANY laughs. Best of all is the Grandma character. When she makes an appearance, she SMOKES! Let's hope they give her more episodes...her scenes with Mike, offering learned advice, while at the same time, cutting off her flippant grandson with some hysterical and biting commentary, are all standout scenes. The writing, sometimes risque, just keeps getting better and better, and despite the people who may be offended by seeing---gasp!---overweight people on a major network engaging in a romance week after week, this show has the potential to shine for a very long run.
  • From the creator or Two & A Half Men and The Big Bang Theory.

    Really, the creator is ewnought to make people get intested in the show. It's about a cop, Mike, who is overwwight, who meets Molly, a tacher, who is overwihgt, on a meeting. They start dating, then have sex, and now have a healthy relationship. Which means I don't know how they'll make this a long series, but hey, it's Lorre, he'll make it wrk.

    But what's really funny about the show it's the supporting cast. From Molly's mom who hates like everyhitng, to Victoria, Molly's slutty sister. you also have Carl, Mike's hialruious partner & Samuel, the waiter form that restaurant. And also Mike & Carl's mothers.

    OVerall: It's a good show, but I seriously have toruble on seing this plot lasting years. 8/10.
  • Hoping it's as good as the promo

    I have Just finished watching the promo for mike and molly and can't wait to watch the first episode tomorow night on ch 9 at 8 pm. I know fat jokes have been done to death but this looks quite endearing probably because of the quality cast and the fact Chuck Lorre's involved! I'll write a more detailed review after tomorrow night but in the meantime check out the promo and see for yourself.. .
    Also looking forward to farmer which is on straight after Mike and Molly - wednesdays are gearing up to be my new fav night on television!
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