Mike & Molly

Season 1 Episode 21

Samuel Gets Fired

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Apr 18, 2011 on CBS
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When Samuel loses his job and apartment, Mike lets him move into his place.

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      • Mike: (about Soo-Jin) That woman is the worst waitress in the world.
        Carl: Who cares? Look at her! She could bring me a urinal cake and I'd eat it.

      • Mike: (about the apartment) Because even if I don't use it, I like knowing it is there.
        Molly: Yeah. Kinda like the Milky Way you keep hidden behind your ice trays.
        Mike: You know about that?
        Molly: I replaced it three times.
        Mike: I've replaced it four times.

      • Mike: Got a crick in my neck from camping out on the sofa last night.
        Molly: (sarcastically) Oh no. What a shame. Poor thing.
        Mike: You look very pretty this morning. Well rested.
        Molly: (still sarcastically) Well it's easy to sleep when you got nothing on your mind but lipstick and mantrapping.

      • (Joyce and Vince are watching Mike sleep on the couch)
        Vince: Looks like one of those giant manatees, sunning itself on a big rock.
        Joyce: You know, that's where the legends of the mermaids come from. Sailors would often mistake 'em for women.
        Vince: Well, to me that just sounds like a lame excuse for some bad behavior.

      • Soo-Jin: Two large grapefruit juice.
        Mike: We wanted coffee.
        Soo-Jin: I wanted a Ben Affleck, but I get him. (points to Abe)

      • Carl: Yep, a man has got to have his own space. I tell you - if I didn't have my lawnchair in the garage, cohabitation with my grandma would be an impossibility.

      • Mike: (pressured by Molly into letting Samuel stay at his place) Samuel, you're welcome to stay at my place for as long as you need.
        Samuel: Thank you Mike! You know, sometimes I think your body is so big just to accommodate the size of your heart.
        Victoria: Oh, what a beautiful way to say "you're fat!"

      • Victoria: Can I get you another glass of wine?
        Samuel: Well, how could I say no to a woman as beautiful as you?
        Victoria: Oh my God, you're so charming. I can't believe you're unemployed and homeless.

      • Victoria: You know, when I first graduated from cosmetology school, there were no jobs anywhere. And I thought "Oh my God, I just wasted three weeks of my life."
        Samuel: So how did you find work?
        Victoria: Two words - "Right place, right time."

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