Mike & Molly

Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2012 on CBS

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  • Samuel was in way over his head

    Samuel keeps asking Mike to loan him money to keep dating Amira. He can't keep that up. He says that he doesn't want to loose Amira but Mike says that if Samuel isn't being honest with her than he doesn't really have her and that is SO TRUE! Besides, what's Samuel gonna do if Amira wants to spend the night at his place? He lives in a 1 room apartment with 5 other guys!

    At the end Amira tells Samuel that she wants a house and he says that she will have. How's he going to get her that?

    This could've been said,

    Molly: No Samuel, we are not going to move out so you can tell Amira that this is your house.

    Samuel: It'll only be for 1 night, honest.

    Mike: Yeah and then she'll be asking to move in with you.

    Samuel: (sighs) OHHHHH, how nice that would be.

    Molly: Stick to the subject.

    Mike: I'm sorry Samuel, lending you my car fine but the house, no way.

    Samuel: What about your house, Carl?

    Carl: Forget it, my grandmother doesn't allow freeloaders to live there.

    Samuel: She let's you live there. Wait! Mike how about your mother's-

    Mike: NO WAY! People would rather die before asking my mother that!

    Samuel: Well, what if you buy me a house?

    Mike: No way! Molly and I need to save up for our own house.

    Samuel: But isn't housing the less fortunate more important?