Mike & Molly

Season 2 Episode 20

The Dress

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 2012 on CBS



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    • Julie: That's a stressful time - lots of couples can't take the pressure, especially if you lit the groom-to-be's legs on fire.
      Molly: I can see how that might give a fellow cold feet - ironically.

    • Carl: (Carl is comparing the wedding to the first time Mike saw breasts) There could be no other first time and you wanted it to be perfect.
      Mike: And it was. I could tell she liked me 'cuz she showed me the second one without me even asking - and that's after I drooled all over the first one.
      Carl: Yeah, can't see one without the other - it's like the Kill Bill movies.
      Mike: And like two perfect piece of flan - you know, if you put a Hershey's Kiss on each one.

    • Mike: Molly dragged me out of bed at 5 o' clock this morning to go jogging.
      Samuel: Oh that was you? I must call my roommate and tell him that was not Godzilla.
      Mike: I have hot coffee in my hand and I'm going on about 5 hours of sleep.
      Samuel: Boy, someone woke up on the wrong side of Tokyo this morning.

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