Mike & Molly

Season 2 Episode 23

The Wedding

Aired Monday 8:30 PM May 14, 2012 on CBS



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    • Peggy: Don't worry about me, I'm pretty thick-skinned even though I come off like a dainty flower.

    • (Molly rushes downstairs into the kitchen, her hair a fright, with Victoria chasing after her)
      Molly: I need to see it, it's my hair and I want to look!
      Victoria: Sweetie, you gotta trust me on this, it's not better to be seen!
      Molly: (heard struggling with Victoria) Give me the toaster!
      Victoria: NO!
      Molly: (heard rummaging through a drawer) Fine, I'll get a spoon!
      (Molly is shown running out of the kitchen looking into a spoon, Victoria chasing after her holding a toaster)
      Molly: Oh my god, I'm hideous!
      Victoria: Honey, nobody looks their best in a big spoon!
      Molly: That's it, I'm shaving my head!
      Victoria: You'll look just like Mike! You're gonna confuse everybody!

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