Mike & Molly

Season 2 Episode 5

Victoria Runs Away

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 24, 2011 on CBS

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  • Thank you LORD for Mike and Molly on Monday nights.... one of the best episodes


    Thank you LORD for Mike and Molly on Monday nights.... for me it has totally bested Two and A Half Men now.

    In this episode Mike found himself caught in the middle when Molly argues with her family. Molly was telling Victoria that picking up a strange guy (Dylan) at the gas station was stupid and she could have gotten herself hurt.

    I really love this episode Molly, Victoria and Joyce really threw some words out there but Mike had to keep dodging.

    Victoria: "Oh... i'm sorry did Dylan and I keep you up last night?"
    Molly: "No... we slept like babies after we made love..."
    Mike: "...for an appropriate amount of time"


    Joyce: "If i had a dollar for every time Molly want to borrow money from me... she wanna borrow that too"


    Hey... Mike you cannot keep running from the house, remember you are marrying the 3 of those crazy bitches... so get your ass back in there and straighten them out.

  • One of the best episodes of this show.


    The show improved alot in season 2 it got better and it has better jokes and this episode was so funny it ended the night with a bang so when i watched HIMYM, 2 Broke girls, and 2.5 Men i didnt think this could top them but it reached it's level it was brilliant, it maybe the best episode of this series till now and next week its Halloween and there will be a Halloween episode this season i dont remember that they had a Halloween episode last season i maybe wrong but im almost 90% sure so this will be fun to watch i just hope they do it right and if they have costumes or something they should have funny ones and cool ones i think it will be a fun episode next week.

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