Mike Hammer (1958) - Season 2

USA (ended 1959)




Episode Guide

  • Goodbye, Al
    Goodbye, Al
    Episode 39
    Mike's slippery friend Al Sparks skips town because of a gambling debt. He turns up in Forge River charged with murdering the female owner of the diner where he worked. Hammer discovers everyone fears Todd Stryker, the man who runs his wife's huge lumber company and wields all the power in town. Stryker's relationship with the dead woman is a secret he wants to keep.moreless
  • Siamese Twinge
    Siamese Twinge
    Episode 38
    An Asian nightclub singer is offered $5000 by her boyfriend's snooty society mother to just disappear. She turns it down until her husband, a Merchant Marine she escaped from long ago, shows up demanding cash to go away. She shoots him in self defense, but doesn't kill him. Mike believes her story and works to clear her of a murder charge.moreless
  • A Mugging Evening
    A Mugging Evening
    Episode 37
    A married out-of-towner is set up for a mugging in Central Park by a sexy young woman he'd only met that day. Wanting his stolen briefcase back and his name out of the newspapers, the cheating husband comes to Mike for help. Ellen Robbins, who's still on probation, is running the mugging scam with her boyfriend and another thug. Matters turn deadly when she returns the briefcase for $1000 bucks and doesn't cut her cohorts in on the extra money.moreless
  • Slab-Happy
    Episode 36
    Punch-drunk former boxer Kid Dakota still carries a torch for gold-digging his ex-wife Julie. The Kid got into a fight with Julie's current husband at their restaurant (which used to be his) and vowed to kill him. When the husband turns up dead a few hours later, the police have an open and shut case. Mike, however, thinks Kid's been framed by someone else who wanted the current husband dead.moreless
  • Bride and Doom
    Bride and Doom
    Episode 35
    Showgirl Ruby Duvall is roughed up by her future sister-in-law, arrogant society snob Joyce Conroy, and offered $5000 not to marry Philip and soil the family name. It seems an open-and-shut when Ruby is found dead in her dressing room after a visit from Joyce. It's all too obvious for Mike after learning of another backstage visitor that night: Ruby's violent ex-con ex-boyfriend who refused to let Ruby go.moreless
  • Merchant of Menace
    Merchant of Menace
    Episode 34
    Am ex-con he'd help send to prison makes a death threat against Mike. Believing its just a sick joke, Hammer decides to meet with the man.
  • Wedding Mourning
    Wedding Mourning
    Episode 33
    Mike finally meets the love of his life and proposes to attractive Kathy Dean. They never make it down the aisle; he and Pat Chambers find her shot to death just before the wedding. Learning from Gita that a bookie was offering 100 to 1 odds the wedding would never happen, Hammer goes on a violent rampage until he gets to the man behind the murder.moreless
  • I Remember Sally
    I Remember Sally
    Episode 32
    A dying man comes to New York and hires Mike to find the attractive young woman he remembers from 15 years earlier. Mike tracks down Sally Bryant to the fleabag Central Hotel and discovers she's hardly beauty the old man remembers. She's slovenly, hard-edged, and married to a greedy husband with a stripper girlfriend.moreless
  • Doll Trouble
    Doll Trouble
    Episode 31
    Mike's vacation at the 1958 World's Fair in Brussels is interrupted by a case. Wealthy Wilma Puttnam asks Hammer to investigate the people claiming to have the daughter of her late sister who died in the Nazi concentration camps. Mrs. Puttnam wants to be sure it's really Anna/Derna before paying the $5000 they're asking for.moreless
  • Groomed to Kill
    Groomed to Kill
    Episode 30
  • Slay Upon Delivery
    Slay Upon Delivery
    Episode 29

    After getting in debt to a couple running an upscale dice game, Paul Redmond is roughed up by their collections thug Murphy before disappearing. Murphy's a renegade private eye who lost his license and is now muscling in on the gambling racket. The wife of the missing Redmond hires Mike to find her husband.

  • Now Die in It
    Now Die in It
    Episode 28
    Mikes hired by a husband and wife to investigate the murder of a family member.
  • Pen Pals
    Pen Pals
    Episode 27
    A young man suddenly turns into a coward at the unexpected appearance of two strangers. Distraught, his wife turns to Mike Hammer for aid.
  • M Is for Mother
    M Is for Mother
    Episode 26
    A college girl comes to Mike saying her mother, an attractive widow, is involved with a man trying to con her out of money. Hammer confirms there are a couple of scams going on. One is being played on him by the daughter; the other involves betting on horses with the seemingly innocent characters doing the cheating.moreless
  • Dixie Is Dead
    Dixie Is Dead
    Episode 25
    Mike's hired by a nightclub owner when thugs bust up his Dixieland joint. He's sure they were sent by the club across the street because he stole their headliner, Dixie Dee. Dixie's a woman who twists men around her finger and uses them for her own gain, so when she's murdered, the list of remorseless male suspects is long.moreless
  • Curtains for an Angel
    Mike investigates a murder and confidence game involving a New York theater group.
  • See No Evil
    See No Evil
    Episode 23

    A gypsy woman asks Mike to help her fiance, Carl, who's charged as an accessory to robbery and murder. She says he is only an unlucky witness, but Carl refuses to defend himself. Mike believes he's taking the rap for someone else and tries to get some clues from the man's brother, a bitter organ-grinder with a very smart monkey. The monkey, Banjo, saves Mike's life and is the key to the case.

  • The Commodore
    The Commodore
    Episode 22
    A homeless man tells Mike that he's the victim of a double cross and a nice old man confesses to a murder.
  • Shoot Before You Look
    A pair of thieves kill a society couple in their apartment and make off with $50,000 in jewelry. Working for the insurance company, Mike gets a tip that the ice can be found in a certain hotel room. When he arrives, one of the robbers shoots, forcing Hammer to kill him. Even though the case should be closed, Mike has the feeling someone arranged for him to shoot the thief to keep him quiet.moreless
  • Evidence on the Record
    The murder of a helpless woman brings Mike Hammer into contact with a juke-box vending concern.
  • Stocks and Blondes
    Stocks and Blondes
    Episode 19
    A former prizefighter en route to Hammer's office is beaten so badly he's hospitalized. He's worried because his boss, Edie, has fallen for a small-time criminal named Si Loomis who will take her for all she's worth. Mike can't convince Edie that her sweetie is a scammer so he goes to work collecting evidence to prove it.moreless
  • When I Am Dead, My Darling
    An American widow approaches Mike for help while he's vacationing in France. Traveling by ocean liner, she claims to see her late husband at every turn. Even Hammer thinks she's merely hallucinating from grief until he witnesses the "ghost" trying to murder the widow by tossing her overboard.
  • A Haze on the Lake
    A Haze on the Lake
    Episode 17
    Sucessful building contractor Carl Kunard hires Hammer to figure out who's been trying to kill him. The most recent attempt on his life was at his vacation cabin upstate. The leading suspects are Carl's young wife, his bitter son, and his business partner. A fraternity pledge being held at the lake house makes Mike's job harder.moreless
  • Another Man's Poisson
    Old friend Vic Fontanee, a blind fishmonger, wants Mike to investigate a man who's suddenly appeared claiming to be his long-lost brother Frank. Not only does Vic think Frank is a phony trying to collect $20,000 from his late father's will, he's convinced the faker is carrying on an affair with his wife.moreless
  • Swing Low, Sweet Harriet
    A philandering client is being blackmailed by his mistress with a tape of him professing his love. When Mike finds the floozy hanging in her apartment, he instructs his client to turn himself in while he investigates others who might have wanted the woman dead.
  • The Last Aloha
    The Last Aloha
    Episode 14
    Mike is in Hawaii on a business trip and winds up searching for gold instead.
  • Save Me in San Salvador
    Hammer gets involved in political intrigue with a Colonel and two gorgeous women.
  • According to Luke
    According to Luke
    Episode 12
    Mike Hammer has four homicides to solve when he tangles with a violent gang of hoodlums.
  • Coney Island Baby
    Coney Island Baby
    Episode 11
    Mike winds up in a wax museum in pursuit of a killer.
  • Tattoo Brute
    Tattoo Brute
    Episode 10
    An illegal card game is robbed. The players think it was an inside job by the owner. Mike Hammer is called into the case as the daughter of the owner cannot go to the police because of the nature of the business. The only clue Mike has to work with is a figure eight on the robber's hand.moreless
  • Park the Body
    Park the Body
    Episode 9
    Hammer is hired by an anonymous client to investigate a missing parking lot attendant. He goes to see Babe Barlow, the owner of the lot, to get some leads. Instead, Mike discovers that Babe's business is using a phony set of books. The missing man is found dead and Mike is next on the hit men's list once he figures out who's behind the killing.moreless
  • Aces and Eights
    Aces and Eights
    Episode 8
    Working security for a jewelry store, Mike catches Abby Thomas shoplifting. He believes her story that she only stole because her husband has a huge gambling debt. Posing as her cousin from Albany, Hammer gets himself invited to her husband's card game and discovers it's a racket. Their main goal is to steal the loot from the grocery store he manages.moreless
  • Jury of One
    Jury of One
    Episode 8
    Grocery owner Otto Tyler was the holdout vote on the jury that would have convicted criminal Sam Mayo of murder. Tyler claims he was not convinced beyond a reasonable doubt, but now faces backlash from angry neighbors for letting the crook walk. Mike believes the old man was intimidated by Mayo and goes to work rooting out the facts of the case.moreless
  • Husbands Are Bad Luck
    Attractive Sonya Miles, about to marry into society, is embarrassed about her inelegant background. Her ex-husband Lefty, a rodeo cowboy, is threatening to expose her history if she doesn't pay him handsomely. Lefty forces her to open the safe at work (she's secretary for her future father-in-law) and let him load up on cash. But when Lefty is gunned down in the act, Sonya is the lead suspect.moreless
  • The Big Drop
    The Big Drop
    Episode 7
    Experienced steeplejack "Spider" Webb falls 20 stories to his death. His daughter is sure he was murdered by Lonzi, a crooked stockbroker who had swindled her dad of $10,000. Lonzi's secretary is as shady as her missing boss, providing Mike with false information that almost gets him tossed from a high-rise window.moreless
  • Baubles, Bangles and Blood
    An ex-convict who now runs a New Jersey carnival comes to Mike for help with a blackmailer. The old man has received written demands for $25,000 or the writer will expose him for having used a false identity to get his business licenses.
  • I Ain't Talkin'
    I Ain't Talkin'
    Episode 3
    Myra Robbins comes to Mike fearing her brother may have become involved with gangsters. He witnessed a robbery/murder, but refuses to tell the police what he saw. Even when becoming a suspect in the crime, he still refuses to speak.
  • Requiem for a Sucker
    Mike gets a call from a burlesque dancer whose husband, her accompanist, is charged with murdering loan shark "Buckets" Marberg. Everyone heard O'Brien threaten to kill Buckets when the thug came collecting at the club and busted up O'Brien's hand. Hammer gets the clue he needed to clear the pianist when he catches a whiff of perfume at the murder scene.moreless
  • Accentuate the Negative
    Mike is hired to investigate the murder of a photographer at a shady modeling school. The man charged with the killing only roughed up the guy while trying to get his sister's tuition back. The real killer was motivated by the school's actual money-making enterprise: blackmailing former students with compromising photos.moreless