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Mike, Lu & Og

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Welcome to the Mike Lu & Og Guide at TV.com. Mike Lu & Og is one of Cartoon Network's shows that belongs to a collection of original network series known as Cartoon Cartoons. It premiered on Friday May 7, 1999 during the Cartoon Cartoons Fridays block. The show features a spunky, red-haired girl named Mike (short for Micheline; call her that and you'll be in big trouble), who's a foreign exchange student from Manhattan, New York, a stuck-up island princess named Lu, her cousin Og, a native boy and a scientific genius who can come up with a number of inventions as they go through the wackiest adventures as Mike learns the customs of the island of Albonquetine and the natives, in turn, learn of American culture. REGULAR CHARACTERS: Mike, a young girl from New York City who is stuck on the island. She's an exchange student on the island paradise of Albonquetine and is doing her best to fit in with the natives, while keeping her New York attitude. She often tells the islanders about common items and aspects of American culture that are rather new to them. Lu also known as LuLu, or "Princess Lu" (mainly to herself) is the island's resident brat. She has a pet turtle named Lancelot, who's friendly, but usually treated meanly by his mistress, who spends most of her time trying to get attention or trying to get rid of Mike, because most times she's able to steal the spotlight away from her. Og is Lu's cousin and gets along well with pretty much everybody. He's a genius, so he spends most of his time in his "lab" which is actually a little workshop inventing things for use on the island...many of the items he invents are food or for play (hot dogs made of coconuts for Mike, a sidewalk all over the island for skating, etc.) Alfred is Og's father and a kind man, albeit absent-minded sometimes. His main hobby is hunting, usually with a bow and plunger-tipped arrows. He particularly goes after a very elusive wombat, who with wit or dumb luck often gets away. Margery is Alfred's wife and Og's mother. She's skilled at island cooking and an artist, specializing in sculpting with chisels. She works hard, but often takes time to stop for a cup of tea at least once a day, for it's always an island custom. Wendel is Lu's father and governor of Albonquetine Island. He's often at home passing laws and approving documents, but also helps the islanders celebrate special holidays and reminding them of their history. He has a pet parrot named Skipper who at times can get on his nerves, but would be lonely without him. Queeks is the island elder the gang seeks for advice. He also has magic abilities that at times can go awry. He's a good old man, but often cranky. RECURRING CHARACTERS: Goat, Pig, and Spiney (the Porcupine) make up the island's Philosophical Society with Og. They have weekly meetings discussing various topics, a number of which lead to debate. They're all intellectuals, but speak only in Og's presence and act like regular animals when anyone else walks by. The Pirates, consisting of The Captain, Mate and Bos'n, live off the island where there's little food and they're always hungry as a result. Their favorite delicacy is turtle soup which usually leads to danger for Lancelot if they ever cross paths, as he's sure to be captured and put in their pot. Fortunately for him, Mike, Lu and Og are always around to rescue him. The Cuzzlewits are the clan that live on the other side of Albonquetine Island. They're wilder and more savage than the regular gang Mike knows. But there's at least one exception with preteen girl Hermione, who's smart and sophisticated, particularly by they way she speaks. She not afraid to offer her opinions and advice and is friendly to Mike, Lu, and Og. But she has two younger brothers Haggis and Baggis, who more than make up for their sister's lack of wildness. Other links to Mike, Lu, & Og: wikipedia imdb big cartoon database Lineup History: The show premiered on Cartoon Network on May 7, 1999. It ran for two seasons from June 1999-August 2000 with 2 shorts per half-hour block. It went off that network a couple of years later, but returned on sister channel Boomerang in late 2006, where it's certain to remain. Opening theme song: (To a calypso beat) Mike, Lu, and Og--On the island, Mike, Lu, and Og--Pretty island, Where nobody goes. Palm tree and blue sky, Fish are jumping high, It's an island where nobody knows. Ain't no burger stand, Ain't no disco band, On the island where nobody goes. Whooooo-whoooo-whooo-weee! Theme song variation: (End credits of most episodes) Whooooo-whoooo-whoo-weee! Ain't no cars, no phones, ain't no parking zone, Ain't no chaperones, ain't no Leprechauns, Ain't no mortgage loans, ain't no hair salons, Ain't no savings bonds, ain't no ice cream cones, Ain't no free coupons, ain't no silicone, Ain't no parmesan, ain't no kidney stones, Ain't no microphones, ain't no slide trombones, ain't no carry-ons. On the island where nobody goes. On the island where nobody goes. (Fade out) Whoooo-whooo-whoo-weee.moreless

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