Mike, Lu & Og

Cartoon Network (ended 2000)





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  • Damn, I wish, just wish, that this show would come back on cn. I remember when Cartoon Network was first coming out, so I got up extra early to see Mike, Lu, and Og and their first episode "The Three Amigos" I thought this show was cool.

    Mike, Lu, and Og is a show about three kids that are stranded on some island and they have no needs of transportation to get back home. (That's what made the show show so good.) Anyways, I don't remember the episodes clearly or the voicees of the characters clearly in my mind (so sad) Well, at least it's still on Boomerang. What a shame that Cartoon Network had to have their many incredible shows split along two channels, Cartton Network and Boomerang. Mike,Lu, and Og doesn't even fit on the Boomerang channel with all those oldies. Mike, Lu, and Og was like a cartoon-animated way of the show "Lost" haha