Mike, Lu & Og

Cartoon Network (ended 2000)





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  • When this show was still new it was my favorite cartoon and I had to watch it every time it was on. ^^

    This show was cute and fun. ^^It was simple, the animation was different, and the humor was simple and funny, but that all made it great!One of the great things about the cartoons on Cartoon Network from around when this show was made was that they were not horribly childish and immature and had original animation and humor.I don't remember any butt jokes from this show which is a VERY good thing considering today's cartoons...I loved this show a lot....and I wish the channel would be smart enough to release the show on DVD considering they could fit the entire series into a small box set.>,> I hope someday this show will get some more credit and some more fans.
    If it doesn't...then I hope a fan someday is in control of releasing Cartoon Network's DVDs ^^