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    I think Angelica on the Rugrats was the last of a dying breed. Her name was "Angelica." Yeah, it was "ironic" given her hateful attitude, but at least it was a normal girl name. Every girl featured in a cartoon or television show for children since Angelica has gotten what I like to call the "Mary-Kate and Ashley What Would You Rename Yourself You Stupid 15 Year Old" treatment. When the Olsen Twins stopped being Michelle Tanner they starred in a handful of terrible sitcoms and direct-to-video movies, and in every one of them they picked a new name. On "So Little Time" they were Riley and Chloe. In "Winning London" they were Chloe and Riley. In "When in Rome" Mary-Kate's character was named Charli. In "New York Minute" her name was ROXY. Mary-Kate DESPERATELY wants her name to be an adverb. By the time they were done, teen girls in real life and fiction had only two choices:

    1) Have a boys name (Sam, Max, etc.)
    2) Have a name ending in an -ey sound

    The Disney Channel is still doing it. Maddie. Keely. Hannah Montana's real name is "Destiny Hope Cyrus," but nope, her stage name and alter ego character's name is "Miley." MILEY? What the f*** are you, a distance runner? The main character on "Mike, Lu, and Og" is Mike, but she's a girl, and her name is "Micheline 'Mike' Mavinsky," gets called "Mikey," and raaaaaaaughhhh. The show features double super reverse racism as a white girl is sent to a tropical island to observe the nutty native tendencies of a bunch of English people who crash landed on an island and are pretending to be savages. If you've never seen it you can catch it on BOOMERANG, the nostalgia network now sending you all the way back to 2002, when cartoons were strange and not suitable for today's audiences.

    I think voice actor Nika Frost is trying to kill me. A quick browse of her filmography shows me the:

    - she appeared on camera in various TV shows, including The Wayans Bros., Shasta McNasty and The Huntress
    - she voiced a PINK TRICERATOPS in one of the Land Before Time sequels. So now you've got to color code the f***ing dinosaurs so kids can tell them apart.
    - she is sometimes credited as Nika Frost, Nika Futterman Frost, Nike Frost, Nikka Futterman, and Nika, so I guess she has brain damage and can't remember or spell her own name

    As a show, Mike Lu and Og isn't the WORST thing the Cartoon Network has produced (I'm not using that as a compliment), but guys, here's some good advice: if while describing the show you have to preface characters with their tendencies (inventor Og, spoiled Lu) or use the phrase "wacky adventures," don't make the show. It's not that hard, Cartoon Network. You don't have to make every show someone wants you to make. If the guy who makes Frisky Dingo shows up and says "I wan show bout d*** and deaths so for laughing," don't go "OH GEE SWELL IDEA" and make Frisky Dingo. Slap him in his f***ing mouth. Beat him to death with a copy of Great Expectations. Do whatever you have to do to maintain standards and effort. Just because a show looks like tha Rugrats doesn't mean it's the Rugrats. Oh, and as an addendum, if anybody ever asks you to make a show with "ALL GROW'D UP" at the end of it, shoot that person and everyone around you! FIN